Sunday, May 2, 2010

Recommended reading

I just finished a wonderful book, The Fiction Class, by Susan Breen. It is not just a story about writing. It is a story within a story, very moving and fast paced. The class setting is in a nursery school classroom; the adult fiction class students are colorful and interesting. For those of you who have taught, you'll recognize some of your students and identify with the teacher's concerns. Her personal life entwines with her fiction class instruction. The romance is sweet and tender, and the ending is a satisfying delight. I recommend this book. One of my favorite lines: "She is having a nervous breakdown in front of eleven people, twelve if you count both of Conrad's personalities."

I will now complete The Four Graces, by Patricia Gaffney. I am two-thirds of the way through it. I'll take my leisurely time reading William Least Heat-Moon's book, Blue Highways. By the way, his book, Prairy Erth is being brought to the big screen by independent film maker John O'Hara. You can check out the trailer on Dianna Gravemann's blog,

I usually read multiple books at a time. Either a talent or a sign of A.D.D. I have a book for the bedroom or living room, one in the bathrooom, and one that I read outdoors.

Which book are you reading this week?


Lynn said...

I'm reading: 1) Meet Me: Writers in St. Louis by Catherine Rankovic 2) The Shack by William P. Young 3) Dear Enemy by Jack Cavanaugh
I'm sure my reading three books at once is not a talent, but more of A.D.D.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning the upcoming film about Will's book, Linda! I'm really excited about it, and I'm glad you're enjoying Blue Highways.

I'm currently reading Anne Lamott's newest, Imperfect Birds. (I also have a blog post about meeting her for the second time recently when she appeared in St. Louis.) I have a stack of other books sitting beside my bed and a list of more to follow those. But before I do anything, I have to finish Tobias Wolf's book, Our Story Begins, because I've assigned my students to read it! Guess I'll get off the Internet and get busy...

BECKY said...

Hi Linda! Well, after finishing "The Help", I haven't found anything yet to satisfy my craving for an excellent book! I've tried to begin about 3 books, none of which have grabbed me. I tend to only read one at a time, too.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Another book to add to my growing stack! Yay! Thanks for the recommendation.