Sunday, December 7, 2014

Ho-Ho-Ho from our house to yours

We want to wish you a happy holiday, whatever it is you celebrate at this time of year. We celebrate Christmas and believe in Jesus Christ, even though the sign on our wall says, "Santa."
We are so blessed to have this precious little boy in our lives.
I just know that despite baby Jesus' crying, aggravation, and time-consuming needs that come with helpless little babies, Mary and Joseph must have felt as much pride in their baby boy as Ashley and Justin do in their little Liam.
He loved Santa, (recognized his voice), and played with his beard.
He didn't know which way to look, at his mommy, Nana, or Grammy.
We were all taking so many pictures of him at once.
What do YOU think he is whispering to the snowman? This little baby makes all of us so happy!


Daisy said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Linda! Liam is an adorable baby. No wonder he is the subject of all the photos. :-)

Sioux said...

I think Liam is whispering to the snowman, "Santa is as tall as Sasquatch."

He (Liam) is such a cutie-patooty.

Bookie said...

Looks like you had a great weekend!!!

Val said...

Maybe he is asking, "What other hoops do I have to jump through before I get a present out of these people?"

Or he might be saying, "I'm pretty sure that old guy is in disguise."

K9friend said...

He is a total cutie-darlin'. What a fun Christmas you will have!

Critter Alley

hpvanduuren said...

On P&P I read something about Commenting..,

Since I created several funny Santa Greeting Card designs over the years, with one about using Santa's beard as a handkerchief.

I think that he possibly might be thinking about using Santa's beard as a handkerchief? :)

Lisa Claro said...

Merry Christmas, Linda! Thanks for sharing your little bright light with us. It's impossible to look at Liam's face without smiling. He'll never know how many days he's improved for a lot of people he'll never meet.