Saturday, December 12, 2015

Away, far away in a manger

The Reason for the Season
These are two of my Christmas treasures. This old nativity crèche belonged to Bill when we met, except for the crystal angel on your left, which was given to me by one of my students 25 years ago. She comes with a story.

My first grandchild, blonde, blue-eyed Ashley, was precious and precocious. She was almost three years old when she spied the angel. She came running to me and said, "Nana, something isn't right. There's a BALD angel in the stable!" I told her a simple version of the Christmas story and explained that an angel announced the birth to shepherds in the fields. She said, "I know that, but where is her hair?" She went on and on about the bald angel. No, I did not make a wig for the "glass angel" as she called her. Learning to handle little disappointments leads to handling the big ones in life.

She used to lie on the floor on her tummy and gaze into the stable. One day she came running up to me and said, "Nana, you have to do something. Quick! Turn off the lights." I pointed out that the lamps were off, and the overhead light was also off. She pointed to the baby Jesus and said, "But, the baby can't sleep with that bright light in his eyes. Please turn it off."

So, of course, I darkened the stable and made one little girl very happy. I wish I could so easily do that for her now, but life gets complicated and everyday does not bring happiness. Or peace.

Especially at this time of year, so many people try to purchase happiness. Contentment and inner peace, which have no monetary value, is what we should seek. Happiness is fleeting and fluid, and the gifts soon forgotten. Kind words and loving actions are the priceless gifts that we should give to others.
This drawing was done by my daughter, Ashley's mom, when she was 7 years old. Gazing at it brings to mind the days of long ago, when she and her little brother and I went caroling with the Sunday school group. We ended up in the church basement for a holiday party. My kids won an award for singing "Away in a Manger" by themselves. They received a bag of candy, and she almost choked to death on a jaw breaker. Thank God for the man next to me who dislodged it from her wind pipe. He was our angel that night. In an instance, my happiness almost turned to tragedy.

Jesus is the reason for the season and He is the path to peace. If only people could apply the holiday message year around, not just in December. My wish for each of you is for PEACE and good health.


Sioux said...

You are Super Mom, Linda, to have saved a picture of your daughter's from that many years ago.

You made me go back in time and think of when I was a kid, as well as when my own kids were young.

Val said...

I love that drawing! Angels all around us, and we don't even know.

K9friend said...

Wonderful holiday post, Linda. I agree. If only we could learn to keep Christmas in our hearts throughout the year.

Critter Alley

DUTA said...

Childrens' remarks can be so unexpectedly wise.
Indeed, money can't buy everything, certainly not inner peace and content.

Connie said...

Beautiful post, Linda. Wishing you and yours the blessings of the Peace of the season now and year around.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Thanks you for sharing Christmas memories---made me think of a few of my own, all happy ones. God bless to you and your beautiful family.