Monday, June 6, 2016

The lessons they have taught me...

Are you timid? Afraid of failure?

 Liam is almost two years old, and it has taken him this long to get over his fear of Paw-Paw. The last two months he's come close and given him a high five when he leaves our house. But when Paw-paw talks to him, he covers his eyes. Then last week, he jumped up on Paw-Paw's recliner and went for a ride! I love this photo because it proves what I've been trying to tell him for two years, it's not as bad as he imagined. Now, they are best buds.
Sometimes our worst fears never materialize.Suddenly Liam has discovered self-confidence. He attended his great grandma's funeral visitation and walked up and down the main aisle greeting newcomers, waving and saying, "Hello!" or "Goodbye."
He threw me kisses that landed on my nose. I said, "Eww!" and pretended to wipe them off.  Repeatedly. It made him giggle from the bottom of his belly... and every one else laugh, too.

Sometimes it takes longer for some of us to come into our own, to find our voice, our confidence. If you have always wanted to be a writer, DON'T WAIT! Start writing.

Nicole is eight years old and quite an artist. Every one starts out a beginner. Her stick figure people  have evolved into two dimensional illustrations; she sees depth; her perception has improved. It's just like with writing. We start with simple sentences and move on to complex constructions.

Nicholas is 14 and heading to high school in the fall. He excels at sports, and shh! keep it a secret; coach is going to put him on Lacrosse varsity team in freshman year. He's that good. He works at his sport. In the past year, I don't think there's ever been a time I haven't see him with that stick and ball.
Same with writing; you can't improve if you don't stretch your muscles and learn your craft.
Congratulations to Madison, our most recent high school graduate. She is going to be a fine nurse one day. She has a caring nature, great personality, and determination. Nurse, writer, whatever occupation... one must persevere, learn as much as possible, and be open to new techniques.  
George has completed his first year of college, and he's  grown in so many ways. I don't know about you, but I wasn't ready for New York when I was 18. This big guy, now 19, has been travelling the country for three years. He was on a select and pro volley ball team. He plays varsity for his college and excels at his studies. Remember, those who want something bad enough will work hard and do almost anything to achieve their goals.
Sean, who is trying his best to outgrow Paw-Paw, is going to be a senior in the fall. He already knows he wants a career as a firefighter/paramedic and which branch of service he's considering. He is a determined young man, and we are proud of each and everyone of our grandchildren, even those not pictured.

How about you? Is there something you've been wanting to do?

Ready, set, GO!


Sandi said...

So sweet! I love the love you have for your grandchildren!

Well...I want to be THAT one day. The grandma who loves. I am the mom who loves now. :) And I love that! But feel like I am still perfecting my craft. Aren't we all?

My grandma painted, among her many creative talents, and gave the paintings away to many people. She was never famous for it, except in her large circle of family and friends. I met an old friend of hers and my grandpa's at their old church. He told me how much he cherished the paintings. It was decades later, but he made it a point to tell me. And so, it was a gift to me too in that way. She was kind and peaceful. That's what I want to be. I have a few years until I can hope to be a grandma, though, because my kids are young, but I will be a great-aunt soon. Great. I hope!

Connie said...

Great photos of your family. It was neat to hear about each one's dreams and accomplishments. Thanks for the inspiring messages as well. :)

Val said...

You may be retired, but you're still teaching! That's great advice. I love hearing about the grandkids and their plans.

Susan said...

Nice post and photos and updates on all of your loved ones, Linda.

It's true that if we really want to do something, we'd better get cracking and do it! Life waits for no one. Susan

Merlesworld said...

Life is a adventure and we never know whats around the corner, you can only try sometimes it works sometimes not.

DUTA said...

I agree with Merle - we make plans, but we never know what awaits us at the corner. Your talented grandkids have modest aspirations: nurse, firefighter, paramedic, but each of these professions require perseverence and hard work. As a grandmother you'll love them whatever they choose to be - and that's, I think, your main message to them.
Lovely photos!

Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--Your grandkids continue to charm and impress me. (Isn't Michael a baseball player, too?) Bill's are handsome and intelligent and talented, in spite of the fact that they share a gene pool with Sas.

(Liam has mischief-filled eyes, and Nicole looks like a young lady. How do they grow up so fast?)

Susan Sundwall said...

Awesome examples of overcoming and persevering! Grand kids are wonderful, aren't they? Great post, Linda.

Pat Wahler said...

So many exciting things going on. What a blessing.

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