Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Was it a bird or Big Bird?

Jefferson Barracks Park ( a former military installation) is near our home. I feel overwhelming
sadness when we drive past the thousands of tombstones decorated with American flags in the National Cemetery. I am proud of those who gave their lives or fought for our freedom. But the image leaves a heaviness in my heart.

 We have often gone to JB Park for a variety of events, concerts, fireworks, or just to see the wild deer roaming in the evening. When my 21 year old grandson Austin was less than two years old, I took his mom, my mom, and his sister to a Native American Pow Wow in the park. 

Austin was a smart, observant little guy with a good vocabulary. When he saw this little fella kicking up his heels and dancing, Austin darted for him and yelled, "Bird!"

Feathers...his  frame of reference. I darted right after him. Although this was a serious ceremony, we were invited to join in the circle dance with the group. I have no official proof, but my dad and his brothers all claimed to have Native American ancestry. I grabbed Austin's hand and we joined the group. For a moment I felt a profound connection to my late dad and "our" people as we shuffle stepped side to side.

On this Independence Day I am saddened by U.S. and world events, and I wonder why we can't be more inclusive and invite others to partake of our abundance. With the heart of a child, if we would all reach out in love and acceptance. Let the children lead...


Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--Considering we are all immigrants and children of immigrants--unless we are Native Americans--we should certainly be more inclusive.

I hope your holiday is a good one.

Val said...

Well...he DOES look like a little Big Bird to a kid's eyes. Beautiful feathery outfit.

Susan said...

Oh Linda, I couldn't agree with you more. This July 4, my mind and heart kept returning to the hundreds upon hundreds of innocent Central American children who were ripped from their parents' arms....people looking for safety while fleeing horrendous conditions and possible death in their countries of origin....coming to America for HELP...and look what happens. They are separated from the only treasures they have----their little children. My heart is aching for all that is happening before our very eyes. Susan

Connie said...

Sweet story about your grandson. I agree the world is in a sad state these days.