Monday, December 10, 2018

Your words can be a gift

My sweet Liam did not have to share me with his brothers last Friday. They had to go to the pediatrician, so he spent the day with us, much to his delight. Papa Bill took us to McDonald's so Liam could play at the Play Place. 

Then it was home for a nap and afterwards some pre-reading activities, story telling, and phonics  using inventive spelling (writing the letters he hears.) 

This is Liam's precious story. Four and five year old children should be able to stay on topic using 4-5 related sentences.

I used to do these with my students, and some were so funny! I displayed them at our holiday program and explained why it is important to ask kids questions, such as who? what? why? where? when? what else? and can you tell me more?
There are many people who don't realize they are writers. You do not have to be published to say you are a writer.
 Liam loves books, alphabet, sounding out letters, and of course the praise I heap on him for being so eager to learn. He was in rare form being silly as we played Jenga.  As I was video taping him, I asked him his name. He replied, "LEO." Then he laughed and laughed, which resulted in bear hugs and tickles. I love the age he is!
Let this be a reminder to you if you are a writer, don't wait until you know all the rules of writing to get started. Look at an interesting picture and tell a story. That's a beginning.

This is a busy time, and it is easy to procrastinate, so be sure to get your words down, even if it is to complain about the hectic pace, the crazies you encountered, or the things that made you smile or say, Oh dear!" Don't let December slip by without your words. They may be a gift to someone. 


Lisa Ricard Claro said...

I always love your posts, Linda. Merry Christmas!

Val said...

Liam is quite the little author! You have given him a great start.

Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--What a funny story Liam crafted. And, what a lucky boy he is to have such a wonderful great-grandma.

Connie said...

Haha! You have to watch out for those bunnies. Liam is a clever and bright little boy. Great post!

Pat Wahler said...

Love Liam's story. It's no wonder Art Linkletter had such a popular show. Kids do say the darndest things!