Monday, June 3, 2019

Blooming, hatching, and shining

We personally have not been affected by the flooding in Missouri. There are some road closings due to water creeping onto the roads. We live far enough away from the rivers, but just miles away from us levees are breaking and being breached. People are being evacuated and their homes are underwater. It is a sad situation. 

Last evening (my favorite part of the day) I sat outside and observed simple things for which I am thankful. 

I love my new little solar garden light with sweet cherub statue. It makes me happy. It frustrates the yard care crew though, who used to roll their wide industrial mower right over this spot. Now they have to weave their way across the carport to the back yard. 

 Miss Froggy was a gift from my late friend Sheila. This little jointed cutie wintered outside. Her dress is a bit faded, but she's otherwise okay. Her expression makes me smile.

The flowers are blooming in the center of the patio table where my honey and I play Rummy Q most evenings and often eat meals in summer. The impatience are showing off.

I came upon these beauties in the yard. Found a little patch of what looks like wild strawberries along the fence. Proabably a little birdie sat on the fence and dropped a seed.

Might have been this guy who whistled, cheeped, sang, and entertained us for quite sometime.

But to my delight, this was the sweetest. It's a mother sparrow, (we call them chippies) and baby. 
I watched them for two days. Baby would sit percehd on the edge of the shed roof, and mama would get a seed and fly up to put it in her baby's mouth. Now the baby is sitting on the feeder with mama. 

Isn't that just like life? We fear the unknown, feel unsure, need support and assurance. Once we try, we discover we CAN do it on our own. Self confidence starts with one step toward your goal. Have you taken the first step?  Care to share any of your goals? Does your light shine?


Bobby Barbara Smith said...

A lovely way to spend an evening. Miss Froggy is adorable, as is Mama Wren and her baby. Our nature time is in the mornings on our front patio. I do love to sit with nature and let the beauty fill me up! <3

Val said...

You can grow anything! Even wild strawberries! We don't see baby birds around here. Good picture (and the others, too). I like the cheerful froggie.

Pamela Hoskins said...

That is awesome, each day new wonders in nature and life.

DUTA said...

The tiny red bird is adorable!
As for the 'unknown' - climate change is not unknown. We know exactly where it's headed to, but we choose to ignore that, because we feel we're helpless, we can do nothing about it.

The only thing we can do is to live as far as possible from bodies of water (flooding and zunami), and from forests (fire). We, humans are not good when it comes to escape these destructive elements, so we'd better not be in their way.

Susan said...

Hi Linda. So glad you are all safe. I have been thinking of you. Love your little angel statue. I've seen the solar lights advertised and have been tempted to buy one. Your photos are nice! Susan

Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--My goal (and hope) is to get internet back by next Friday. It's been rough...

Connie said...

Great pictures, Linda. There is so much to enjoy outside this time of year. I've been hearing about all the flooding out your way and wondered if it was affecting you directly. Hope you are having a nice weekend.

Pat Wahler said...

So many blessings, if we only open our eyes to them. :-)