Monday, April 6, 2009

The rule of three...

Sunday, what a day! I received so much good news it made me believe in the superstitous rule of three. Usually it's deaths; negative events, or appliances that "kaput" in triplicate, but not this time. I was notified that I won first place in the St. Louis Writer's Guild non-fiction contest at the MO Writer's Guild Conference. Then I received an acceptance from a prestigious West coast literary magazine. And best of all, I received an invitation from a former preschool student who nominated me as her most influential teacher. She will be attending a three week class at Mizzou this summer as one of St. Louis's brightest high school juniors. I was this delightful young lady's preschool teacher, and she also attended my summer program (K-6th grades) until she was in middle school. I will be attending an awards ceremony at Mizzou this summer because of the positive impact I have made on her life.

Some people go through life never knowing how their actions create a ripple effect. Many of you have impacted my life with a nice gesture, a kind word, shared information or good advice. Thank you. If someone has made a difference in YOUR life, tell them today.

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Lynn said...

You have - so thank you!