Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring is in the air!

Today Bill and I went to Bee Tree Park in far South St. Louis County. I am in my element when I am on a nature hike or walking on the beach. We hoofed it about three miles up and down trails, around the entire park and lake. We stood on the platform of a covered pavillion overlooking the Mississippi River bluffs and watched a tiny tug boat nudge 32 barges upstream. The sounds of the engine straining blended with the birds' chatter and childrens' laughter. Tiny blue bell flowers nodded in the breeze; clumps of daffodils cropped up everywhere; the lake surface rippled gently, and a zillion red bud trees in shades of purple made my heart skip a beat. The sun baked a smile on my face. Today was like a poem writing itself. That little tug boat reminds me of me, plodding along; no matter how difficult the writing task, I give it my all. I am grateful for my eyes, my health and my hubby.

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Julia Gordon-Bramer said...

This blog is like a poem, too. Lovely.

I must visit this park!