Sunday, March 21, 2010

Award...fact or fiction?

To the inimitable Lisa Ricard Claro I offer a heartfelt "thank you!" for bestowing upon me the above prestigious award.

As I understand it, this great honor is a license to be creative which, as all writers know, is akin to putting a Labrador Retriever in a room full of rawhide and commanding him to "Chew!"

Rules of acceptance require me to list seven wild and wacky little known facts about myself, at least one of which must be true (all may be true if I decide to let you in on my deep, dark secrets). You, buttercup, will have to decide for yourself which, if any, of the facts below are crazy truths or creative fiction:

1. I once had a flat tire on Hy 55 and got hung up by my shorts
climbing a chain link fence.
2. I came eye to eye with a free roaming buffalo and her calf
outside my house; I sweet-talked soothingly, "It's okay baby."
I was talking to my unborn baby as I backed indoors.
3. I saw Ray Charles in concert and when someone heckled him,
he unzipped his pants on stage and made an obscene remark.
4. At seventeen I asked Chuck Berry if he was REALLY Chuck Berry.
5. I saw Joan Rivers come through the airport with her two unleashed
Yorkies. She bore a striking resemblance.
6. I was eating at McDonald's with my kids when I felt a sneeze
coming on. I reached into my pocket for a tissue and came up with
a pair of granny panties that unfurled like a surrender flag.
7. I went to the beach today and sank my feet in the sand and
swam with dolphins.
Your turn Lynn, Beth and Julia. Cut and paste the image and instructions to your blog and pass it on.


Julia said...

Ha ha.

OK, you asked for it! ;-)

Tammy said...

Love them! Especially the granny panties...and Joan Rivers...and the buffalo story!...okay, all of them.

Julia said...

Oh, and the lie(s)? I'll say #2 and #7...

Lynn said...

Great, this is going to require some real creativeness - it could take me a while!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Looks like you stepped right up to the plate! Love the granny panties...LOL

Beth M. Wood said...

Love this...I need time! And knowing you I say #7 is the
only piece of fiction listed. ; )

Linda O'Connell said...

Thanks everyone, especially Lisa for your help.
I dreaded this at first, but had fun doing it after I got started. All are true; the last one happened in my mind however. There was a herd of free roaming buffalo in Alaska where I lived in '69-'70. Chuck Berry walked into my work, and Ray Charles really wise-cracked because he was on crack or something back then, and Joan Rivers, yep she and her dogs pranced down the concourse, and I DID get hung by the buns on a chain link fence and ripped my shorts to heck.

BECKY said...

Hey Linda, you divulged too soon!! Actually, I was going to say all were true, too, except for Number 7! I was like you...dreaded it at first, but then decided it was a great writing assignment!

Cathy C. Hall said...

Catching up on Linda's world to say Wheee! for your Chicken Soup story-and you're so right about letting it go. I've had acceptances two years later! And of course, another Wheee! for your award :-)

It's fun to step out every once in awhile-isn't it? Though I wouldn't suggest pulling underwear out of your pocket when you do so. :-)

Oh, and can I get my toenails painted like that? You're a good Nana, Linda.

K9friend said...

Too funny!