Saturday, February 19, 2011

What can you get for ten bucks?

Even if you live half way across the world or as close to the ocean as I want to be, you can still enter the Missouri Writer's Guild Chapter Contests for a $10.00 fee per category. I have some stiff competition out there with my writer friends, but I'm willing to support the team by divulging these secrets:) I can't get the link to work, but the site is

All of you are capable of writing a 1,000 word or less essay on What Does it Take to Make You Happy? The fees from that contest go to support my organization, St. Louis Writer's Guild. You do not have to be present at the contest to win.

They have also just added a paranormal and a humor category. So many of you have made me belly laugh with your writing, so why not enter? There are poetry contests. There's a Flash contest too, $25 first prize for 500 words.

Contests are in their final week except for the humor contest which has a March 15th deadline. I can provide details on that one as soon as I have them. Come on folks, you'll probably spend five bucks on coffee or soda, won't you support a writer's organization?

I am headin' to a weddin'. Bride and groom (on hubby's side)have been cohabitating for 25 years. Most people at this stage of the game are getting divorced rather than married. My bet is there will be lots of laughs, bad jokes, and well wishes. I'll let you know.


Susan said...
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Tammy said...

Thanks for divulging! :) And hope you enjoyed the wedding. Sounds like they're celebrating both the past and the future! Bet it was a hoot.

Chatty Crone said...

That sounds like a refreshing wedding! Sandie

Susan said...

Hi Linda...Hope the couple will have many years of happiness. Susan