Friday, April 26, 2013

Say it isn't so!


Yes, It’s true! The Book House, in business for over 30 years in a unique historic 150 year old Victorian house, is scheduled to be TORN DOWN. Unfortunately, the owners of The Book House do not own the property (they have been leasing for over 30 years and have tried to negotiate to buy it for several years with no success). Now the property is being purchased by a developer who is planning to demolish the historic structure to make way for an industrial storage facility. The Book House is a community asset, and has weathered many of the storms that have impacted bookstores over the past three decades and really wants to stay in the area. But we may be forced to close our doors by the end of the year.
WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! If you do not want to see another independent bookstore close and another unique historic structure destroyed - we need you to make your voices heard!
Call Rock Hill City Hall (314) 968-1410
Call the Developer Bill Bowman at Great Northern Developers 586-703-9882 or 734-996-9979
Call the Media - Kirkwood Webster Times, Riverfront Times, Post Dispatch, TV stations
Call anyone who you think might be able to help or who cares about our bookstore
We need to show a presence – that we matter to the community. If we close it will also affect our charity partners such as Second Chapter Center, the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition and the Children’s Home Society which we help fund through book donations and sales. The Book House wants to remain open as a community resource, but we can’t do it alone. We are running out of options. This is YOUR bookstore! If you want it to continue you need to help us fight for it! We need to crowd source some funding, or find an investor, or parner, get approved for a bank loan, loan cosigner, or somehow raise the funding to purchase either this building or another building and pay for move/remodel. We need to find a new location SOON. We are throwing this out to the universe for some help. Any legal, financial or real estate help accepted. We can’t do this alone - believe me we have already tried. We need the community to help rally some support.
Tell your friends, your coworkers, any booklovers you know. You can always help by coming in to the shop and buying books! We are still running all operations as normal and have an incredible selection of new, rare and unusual books for sale. Cash and book donations are still accepted. Every little bit helps. HELP SAVE OUR BOOKSTORE!!


The Book House Staff and Friends


Bookie said...

Sounds like a unique place and I hope you can save it. Progress often is the ruler everywhere anymore, although destruction does sound like progress to me. Good luck, Linda.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Have you posted this on Facebook? Open an account for the bookstore and that will get the word out to a broader audience. Worth a try ....

Pat Wahler said...

I'd suggest contacting the area's Historical Society. If the bookstore is deemed an historical site, it would be much more difficult for anyone to destroy.

Critter Alley

Connie said...

Oh my! I hope you are able to save it. It would be sad to lose it.

Susan said...

GOOD FOR YOU, Linda. So glad you decided to get in there and FIGHT for that beautiful bookstore...and get others in that area to join you! WOW WOW WOW Let us know what happens, okay?

Thanks for all your visits and comments, too. Love them! Susan