Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nicholas turns 12

Happy 12th birthday to grandson Nicholas who is quite an accomplished ice skater. He took that rink by storm.

I could begin at letter A and go to Z and find all positive words to describe this gentle, sweet, kind, caring kid who is all boy! He has the energy level of a dozen kids, is always on skates or blades, participating in sports or roughhousing with the neighborhood boys. They live on the bend of a cul de sac and there's always a slew of kids playing outside. He has good leadership ability, has a strong sense of  right from wrong and is our pride and joy. His school thinks he's cool, too.

To think 12 years ago I was with his mama who was in heavy labor bouncing on a ball shouting, "OWWW! that hurt...and I want a Big Mac. Ewwwwww! That's so painful...and I want some French fries."

I think she went through the entire McDonald's menu, because she was so hungry and hadn't eaten since the day before.

I have been so busy this week with IEPs, meetings etc. and I have neglected my blog. Please don't go away. I appreciate all of you.


Sioux said...

Linda--You must be so proud of Nicholas. A boy who is gentle and kind and a leader...We need more of those.

Tell him (again) "Happy birthday."

Bookie said...

A nice light in your life, this boy, for sure!

Yes, things are spinning here too. Today is looking to be one of real rest, of finding some pleasure in books and just sitting at HOME. Hope you will find a tad of the same...spring break is coming!!!! Hang on!

Daisy said...

Aw, happy birthday to him! I hope he had a special day.

Val said...

They don't stay little long! Happy Birthday to Nicholas.

Karen Lange said...

Happy Birthday to Nicholas! He sounds like a wonderful young man. You are a blessed grandma!

Susan said...

Oh Linda. He is a darling boy. Hope he has many, many more terrific birthdays.

Oh gosh, don't envy you with the IEPs. Good luck, girlfriend. Susan

Shelly said...

What a terrific kid- happy birthday to him!

River said...

A whole alphabet of good things? That's some kid!
Happy Birthday to him.

Tammy said...

Happy belated birthday to that handsome young man!