Friday, August 1, 2014

Discards or good finds?

What a mess traffic is. Everyone's in a hurry, campers are loaded and folks are ready to escape for the weekend. We used to camp a lot. Like most campers we started with a tent, moved to pop up, then graduated to a camper with air conditioning. I loved being in the country, but it got so that the city came to us. We could not escape the screaming kids and beer drinking, partying young folks. Too bad a few spoil it for many.

My kids and granddaughter live rurally, so I can   drive an hour and sit lakeside and enjoy nature. Along the way I noticed road debris. Someone is going to miss those couch cushions, not to mention the recliner shattered in a ditch. Pity the college kid who can't find his favorite tshirts which are strewn along the shoulder of the road. I always wonder if people backtrack to retrieve their possessions or just say forget about it! 

What's the strangest thing you've seen on the side of the road?


Val said...

Being a rural dweller myself, I'm going to need to narrow this down to things I've seen on my own gravel road. The portable meth lab surrounded by police makes the top ten. And the full size refrigerator, standing up.

However, I would say that the strangest thing found on my gravel thoroughfare was a road arm. That's right. A road arm. An arm right in the middle of the road. Here's the full story, with a picture, in case there is any doubt as to my authenticity.

Sioux said...

I would say the strangest "thing" I saw was Sasquatch walking along on the shoulder...or maybe I am mistaken, and really saw Sasq-y at a writing event.;)

It sounds like you have the best of both worlds. You get to live in the suburbs but you also have a place to get to (in the country) when you need some space and some nature.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love rural living, despite the oddities I sometimes see. I think the strangest things I've ever see on the side of the road was three men playing banjos!!

Tammy said...

I've always wondered if people go back for the lost stuff, too. I would hate to be behind whatever was carrying that recliner! I once saw a mattress.

Susan said...

Hi Linda....I hope your weekend is going well.

There's always something to worry about so it's so much easier to just put everything into God's hands and let HIM deal with it.

How adorable Liam is. That's what really counts, don't you think?

Anyway, I hate it when people muck up the highway with their trash. I've seen couches, mattresses, etc. It's disgusting, really.

The worst I've seen is a toilet seat. Now who would use it on the side of the road? Brother.

Take care and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Susan

River said...

Over here there is a yearly event called Hard Rubbish Collection where residents can put all kinds of thing out on the verge and the council trucks come by and take it all away. I've seen a few odd things, but some of the stuff is really good too. I remember once walking past a pile of stuff that looked as if the homeowner had emptied out the entire contents of his shed and those items had been rotting for years.

River said...

Forgot to mention the oddest thing! Piles of pig guts that slid off a truck from the abattoir when it cornered too fast. They stretched from the corner right along the road to the edge of my driveway. I took photos and blogged about it, in 2010 or 2011, before I moved here anyway.

Chicken said...

I always wonder the same thing. And this is going to come across as macabre, but whenever I see thick plastic wrapping on the side of the highway, I worry that there's a body or, somehow worse, a body part, wrapped in it.

Daisy said...

I'm not sure what is the strangest thing that I've seen along the road. I thought I saw a bear one time up ahead, but he ran into the woods before I got close enough to see for sure if that was what it was. :)

K9friend said...

A streaker!

Critter Alley

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