Thursday, October 2, 2014

Will you look at that!

Oh my, the things you see when you least expect it. I have seen two things in two days that I wish I hadn't.

Yesterday, my coworker and I went to lunch at a small pizza parlor. We were finishing up when an  African-American woman (about 50) walked in with a heavy set white woman and man guiding her by her shoulders. They all stood at the counter to place an order. She scanned the dining area, spied two burly, blue-color workers, older guys, sitting at a table an arm's length away.

"Well, helloooo!" She shouted, leaned back, squinted, and tried to focus on their faces. They nodded and bellowed hello.

My coworker and I got up to leave, and were taken aback by the woman's backside. She was letting it all hang out in short-short ripped jeans that were two sizes too small.

As I walked by the men, I raised my eyebrows and subtly nodded in the woman's direction. I mouthed, "OH MY!"

The guys said, "Uh-huh!"

I wonder... do you think she was there to buy or sell?

Today the police pulled up out front and then a hearse pulled into our neighbor's driveway two doors down. I don't know the details, but I do know it was the gentleman about my age who passed away, because his wife, a teacher, was outside crying.

Have you seen anything this week that seared an image?



Val said...

Yes. Just this morning, an image was seared onto my retinas that made me wish for a bottle of Germ-X to squirt into each ear, so I could shake my head and wash that memory from my brain. I had all but forgotten it until now. I can't thank you enough.

Let's just say that it has something in common with your first tale. I'm off to blog about it. Maybe that will free it from my mind.

Bookie said...

Not yet this week, but let me tell you about last week. Briefly...I did not finish all my meal and a man dining there too, a stranger, asked if he could take my meal leftovers home. He took my fork, scraped the mangled mess into a box and said thanks!

Susan said...

Yup. I saw an SUV on its roof, with fire engines and police cars all around it. It was very upsetting. Come to find out it was a 72 year old grandmother and her 2 year old granddaughter. Their vehicle hit an armored truck and it landed them on the roof! Neither were hurt, thanks be to God. I thought for sure someone had been killed. Was so glad it all turned out okay. Susan

Daisy said...

I can't think of anything this week or even anything recently, but I know what you mean. Sometimes you wish you could go back in time and unsee those things.

Tammy said...

I wonder if this is Horrifying-Sights Week?! Just today, I was looking around a high school anatomy class, and there on the wall was a dissected cat. I did a double-take and then spent the rest of the class period avoiding that part of the room. I wish I could un-see some things.