Thursday, October 15, 2015

Aww, you're nuts!

Stop by for a visit with my friend Lisa Ricard Claro who wrote a post about not waiting until it's too late to get your family history info.

I visited with my late mom's last surviving siblings, three sisters, twins 79 years old and one who is 87. One of the twins told me Grandpa courted Grandma on his horse.

I can't even remember which one said it, but the conversation went like this:

Oh that is not true!
Daddy never had a horse.
When he was young he did. Mom told me.
Mom would have told me. I'm the oldest, and I never heard that.
Aw, you're nuts!
You're crazy!
He did.
Did not!
Did too!

My male cousin, who is my age, and I looked at one another. As they argued among themselves, I said to him, "Can you imagine the noise level with six of them at 5206 Plomo?"

At once, all of my aunts stopped talking over one another when they heard the address.

Hey, I lived at 5206.
I did, too.
Of course you did, that was Mom and Daddy's house.
Aw, you're all nuts.
No I'm not. We grew up at 5206 Plomo.

By the time I left, I felt like I had spent a day back in the classroom. But I did learn that:

You better not put any notice in the paper about me when I die. I don't want any service at all.
I want a big and fancy funeral.
Oh not me, cremate me and be done with it.

I wanted to shout, "You're killing me!"
But since they are Italian and German, I stood up and put my hands on my wide hips and then did the hand motion for them to come along, so we could go out to lunch.
Not much old history learned, but a lot of repeat history.


Val said...

The ladies who run the funeral home (where my family has spent way too much time over the last 12 months) are twins, around 70 years old. They bicker and cut up like that. It's a show in itself.

Bookie said...

Ha, Ha, Linda...quite a pictures. What a mix, Italian and German
At my house is was German and Irish...sounded similar!!!

Susan said...

Oh Linda, that was cute. Susan

Janet, said...

Fun post! I like to research my family, too. I often get different stories about the same fact. Or, some people don't remember something I've told them and they think I'm crazy. My aunt used to tell everyone, watch what you tell Janet, she'll write it down and put it in a book.

Daisy said...

Haha! It's amazing what you can learn (or maybe not). :)

Lynn said...

Okay, I'm trying to catch up. Love your Leaf poem! Love Liam in the pumpkin patch. Love your tips for writing. Okay, guess I love all the posts you've posted that I missed!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

That's hilarious! I often wonder with our family stories how much is fact and how much is fiction repeated and remembered through the years. And of course, everything is perspective. I imagine my sister and I remember some things quite differently, she as firstborn and me as the baby.

Thanks for the link mention!