Sunday, August 21, 2016

Feeling divine and the DIVINE

I am wearing a summer skirt with embroidered flowers. Nothing unusual about that? For me it is. In spring and summer I'm more comfortable in Capris, and the rest of the time I usually wear slacks or jeans. When I worked with preschoolers it was easier to get up and down off the floor. Once in a while when I did where a skirt or dress, EVERYONE commented. And I felt "pretty." Today we are going to breakfast, and I dressed up. Bill said, "Wow, you look pretty." He's so sweet and affectionate this morning. I just might wear another skirt tomorrow.

When Liam's mom was in my preschool class she always wanted to wear pants, and that suited our little Tom Boy well. But on the days she wore a dress, her demeanor changed. She acted very demure, was less rambunctious, and played with the girls instead of building and racing around with the boys. Wonder if there's something to that adage, Clothes makes a woman?

On Saturday which was a lovely fall day, honey and I debated about where to eat lunch. Every fast food place was a no, and we didn't want a huge meal. As we passed Cracker Barrel Old Time Restaurant, I said, "Let's get our favorite meal as a carryout, just one, and split it. We can picnic at the nearby park."

So as we waited for our To Go order of chicken fried chicken, cheesy potato casserole, green beans and slaw, with a side of cornbread, we played a game of checkers. When he double jumped me, I almost called him a name, and it wasn't honey. Then we heard our name called and didn't get to finish the game. Just as well.
We ate at a picnic table under a pavilion, enjoyed the breeze, listened to the joyful squeals of kids at a birthday party nearby, then I spied this lone goose. Sometimes I feel all alone even when there are people near me. Do you ever feel that way? Sometimes I prefer to be alone, as noise overwhelms when I am trying to write. I often feel like a small fish in a big lake when it comes to writing. I suppose even the best and most published writers have self-doubts.

I watched a gaggle of geese gather from across the lake, all in search of the same thing, and thought, YES! I am a writer, and I have a community of supportive writers. We are all after the same thing, a publishing credit, and sometimes life gets in the way of writing or submitting or feeling.

As I sat with my honey on this glorious day, I thanked God for my health husband, family, and my ability to write. I also said a prayer for three friends battling cancer: Claudia, Jan, and Mary. Prayers appreciated for them.

My church does not have walls, and nature is where I feel the Holy Spirit most, and I know God is an awesome God. I hope you have a blessed Sunday and a good week.

Hubby just walked in, nibbled on my neck! (it's the skirt, I know it is) and said, "It's time for brunch.  So, toodle loo! here's a place to check for writer call outs.


Sioux said...

So, is "brunch" a euphemism for something else? ;)

Val said...

I think Sioux needs a time-out.

Thanks for the link!

Donna Volkenannt said...

Your skirt looks divine! Sounds like you and hubby had a wonderful day.

Connie said...

Like you, I generally wear capris or pants, but when I wear a skirt or dress, it is noticed. We sometimes order a meal and split it too. It seems that the serving size of so many restaurant meals is so big, that it is easier to split an order. We don't have to take leftovers home with us that way. Saves money too!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

I could've sworn I already commented on this. If it's a repeat, I'm sorry. Anyway, you know how much I LOVE sundresses! So comfy. :) And they hide things I'd rather not share with the world, like my muffin-top. lol

Susan Sundwall said...

Linda, I just love this. We're Cracker Barrel people, too. I actually wore a dress to church last Sunday - my Easter dress. I love the way it swishes around my calves. And doubts about my writing? Susan "Doubt" Sundwall, that's my name. LOL But wee little fishes swim on. Try to stop us! God bless.

K9friend said...

It's funny how we get into habits with our clothes. I hardly ever wear a skirt either, although in this hot weather, a skirt would be much more cool. My thunder thighs enjoy catching a nice breeze.

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