Monday, May 14, 2018

Everything is budding!

Longest winter ever is finally over. We had a week of spring weather, and I was so happy to get my flowers planted and see the buds on the rose bush and the purple buds on the red bud tree.

 And then a week later, summer weather nudged out spring, or rather elbowed it hard! The temperature climbed into the 90s. The warmer it got the more buds I saw on the rose bush. I whispered into the bush, "Please bloom on Mother's Day." And I woke up to this!
 Everything is growing and blossoming, even Liam and Alex's mama. Baby Colton will be here in August, scheduled C section two days before Alex's birthday. My daughter Tracey is Ashley's mama.
Look how big Alex is getting. He loves Nicole and especially her long hair. He reached up and grabbed it and giggled. My Mother's Day was fantastic. Almost all of our kids were here, and the house was crowded, and the food was yummy, and all the women made over Alex. 
Life is coming up roses! 


Sandi said...


And adorable wee one. :)

DUTA said...

Alex, in the last picture, is 'stealing the show'.

Connie said...

The rose bush is beautiful. I'm so happy it came through for you. I'm glad spring has finally arrived for good. It was a long time coming this year. Mother's Day was nice for me this year too. I enjoyed seeing your family photos.

Val said...

Along with your plants, Alex and Nicole sure are growing!

Pat Wahler said...

All kinds of fun things happening in the family. How exciting!