Thursday, March 28, 2019

Waiting for Butterflies

I feel as though I have been holding my breath and have finally been able to release a satisfying sigh. I finished the most wonderful book!

There are so many unexplained incidents, coincidences, and God nods in this world. Karen Sargent's book is one of hope in a world where so many people are filled with hurt. 

Waiting for Butterflies 
grabbed me by the heart strings and held me captive until the very last page. The character's are well developed and authentic. Their individual spiritual journeys and flaws lingered long after I finished the book.  I love it when a book remains in my heart. 

This is a poignant, contemporary story addressing grief, love, and real life issues and it also touches on the spirit world.

Equally heartwarming and heart wrenching, this emotionally charged account of faith and life after tragedy is beautifully written and left me feeling hopeful and lighthearted. A divine read!


Connie said...

Thanks for the review! Sounds like a wonderful book.

Val said...

I'll have to check into this one. The author is from my neck of the woods.

Susan said...

Gosh, Linda. That sounds like a winner. Is it a newly published book? Thanks for the thumbs up! Susan

Sandi said...

"God nods"

LOVE this phrase!

Pat Wahler said...

I enjoyed it, too. A wonderful book!