Friday, April 23, 2010

A little story telling isn't all bad

This week at school my students are drawing family pictures and dictating stories about their families in preparation for our spring events. Some of their stories are hysterical. I know which little boy's daddy hides his money in his underwear when he sleeps so his mommy won't find it!

Sometimes in order to gain cooperation, you just have to do a little creative story telling. When I served sliced bananas and dry cereal for snack one day, half the class moaned that they didn't like bananas. "Well you'll love these bananas; they are not ordinary bananas," I said. I told them that I had sprinkled them with a special dust and all they had to do was take a bite to discover the kind of dust. The entire class nibbled and guessed. "Fairy dust! Barbie dust! Power Ranger dust!" I smiled and merely asked, "Do you think that's what it tastes like? And what do YOU think?" At the conclusion of snack, I told them the truth. We were at the bottom of the cereal bag, and so I dusted them with Lucky Charms dust.

Where will your creativity take you today?


K9friend said...

Sounds like a clever way to get kids to clean plates!


Susan said...

That was VERY creative, Linda. Good for you. Hopefully, using some creativity today will make it a good day. Hope yours is super, too. Sincerely, Susan