Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Vacation Blues

Missed My Vacation (in verse ... just when you thought it couldn't get worse)

We headed for the Smokies to visit tourist sites;
just a mini vacation, only for three nights.
We chugged up Look Out Mountain to see what we could see.
Bug guts on the windshield affected visibility.

My honey pulled to the side of the road,
and rummaged through the trunk.
He finally found the glass cleaner
among all our travel junk.

He scrubbed the windows front and back, and then he washed the sides.
He hustled over to where I sat, and sprayed Windex in my eyes.
“I thought you had the window up!” He shouted as I wailed.
“I thought that you could see I didn’t, and now my vision’s failed!”

We drove down Lookout Mountain. I didn’t see a thing.
We ended up in Nashville where the country singers sing.
We saw Ryman Auditorium and toured the historic sight.
Then we got a hotel room, a place to spend the night.

We found our room at the top of the stairs; the door it stood ajar.
So, we placed our luggage on the bed and headed back to the car.
We ate a lovely meal; it really was the best.
Our bellies were so full; we decided to take a rest.

My honey put the key in the lock; twisted and he turned.
We had to find the manager, and this is what we learned:
our luggage was in room 234, where we could plainly see,
but the room we rented was 234B and 234A didn’t have a key!

We waited hours for a locksmith. We were exhausted tired and crabby.
That night, we boarded a shuttle bus driven by a former, crazy cabby.
At the new, Grand Old Opry, we saw Hank Jr. and many more.
Hank sang this tired old gal to sleep, and I began to snore.

Yes, we went to Look Out Mountain
and the place where the country singers sing.
I can honestly say we went there,
but I didn’t see a thing.

Hope this made you smile. I can laugh NOW, 20 years later. And to think, this year we're anticipating our first cruise!


Lynn said...

That is funny Linda! I'm sure it wasn't quite as funny when it was happening, but... that's how it goes. Good for stories or poems!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

You have some great stories--funny in retrospect. At least you are good natured and can see the humor! I bet you're fun to travel with. :) Great poem.

Tammy said...

That last line just sums it all up. Still laughing!

Cathy C. Hall said...

Dang-you have all the fun.:-)

K9friend said...

Very funny! (Though I know it wasn't at the time)
I love Nashville. Hope to take another trip there soon!