Friday, March 8, 2013


Today is class picture day. Nicole is posing in front of the mirror admiring her smile, her hair, her outfit. Some days she calls her self Nicole Repunzel (Rapunzel) or Charm Princess Glory. She exudes self confidence. Her self speak is, "I am beautiful, just as I am."

I stood before the mirror also, saying things like, "I hope my gray roots don't shine. Look at my big ears poking out of my hair. I hate my crooked teeth. Oh, look at that crinkle neck flesh. M y wrinkles are moon craters. I am so homely."

Don't get me wrong. I love MYSELF, but the external me, I think needs some repair. Why does a woman focus on her faults instead of embracing herself like a five year old does?

When does this begin? My daughter played with dolls until she was ten or eleven and loved everything about herself...and then one day she woke up filled with self criticism.

Oh well, I must go to work now and smile, a crooked, fake smile :)

Nicole just ran in to tell Grandpa bye and she said, "I can't mess up my hair and act crazy."
He replied, "Oh go have fun. Beauty is inside not outside." What a guy!


Kim said...

We're slaves to advertising and the media's idea that young is better.

They're wrong - think how much MORE you are today, how your laugh lines reflect your happiness, your gray roots display your longevity and resilience.

Smile for the camera, Linda!

Daisy said...

I don't understand why we stop loving ourselves and only notice our faults either. We definitely need to embrace who we are inside.

I hope you have a nice weekend! said...

Are we not silly ladies. I think we cannot own up we cannot stay young forever. We have to grow old. So there come into this world.
New babes.

Mom's who are so excited to bring a child into the world and do all the things we did with our children and our Grandchild.Love life at its fulness. Be happy Moms and Grandmothers.

Yes it is the media, the adverts.
And we cannot turn back the clock on age numbers or wrinkled hands nor wrinkled necks or anything wrinkled. Unless you married a plastic surgeon. Ha,ha.

Do you not notice women who get face lifts or try to be youthful.

Either cover up the neck after facelifts or have wrinkles in other places.You can not hide age forever. Elasticity sets in.

I mean what those ladies look like later in years after all those lifts and tucks. Will need elastic bands to hold the face to-gether or those tatoo's that wrinkle. That rose will look wiltered.

If they got the facelifts. I would be scared to have that done. I have thought of it when I was young and foolish. Thought.
When I go my first crows lines.
Look at the new lip craze now. Big lips. They look ridiculus.

From pretty to real Ugly.

I seen a commercial two days ago
of those people in those countries who have leprosy.

Is that not a wake up call. If anything.

Good read . Thanks for sharing.

Excuse my spelling mistakes.

thisisme said...

Lovely that your beautiful granddaughter has that confidence. It seems to alter somewhere in the teenage years, which is such a pity. Your Bill is so sweet and a real keeper.

Susan Sundwall said...

I agree with Grandpa, but boy, there are days when I could haunt a house. And then there comes a day when we feel just lovely. Life balances out.

Bookie said...

Ah, the young..just don't realize that sweet fresh cookies go soft in the humidity of life! So many bigger things to think of at any age except our images...but that gets lost in youth. As we age, we have to face the fact that today is as good as it gets....

Rain coming for weekend...and a few thunderstorms...I hope they are gentle ones. Hope you have some sun yet out your way....

K9friend said...

We are always our own toughest critics whether in regard to our exterior or internal self-doubt.

Oh, for the optimism of youth!

Critter Alley

Mevely317 said...

Linda, you've NO idea how close this hit home. At (near) 63, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I recall being satisfied with my appearance.
I do believe, our peers play a huge role in shaping a child's self-confidence. A thoughtless word here or there can certainly wound.

Your Nicole must provide endless hours of joy!

Val said...

I used to walk the halls for an hour after school with a teaching buddy. One afternoon a colleague darted across in front of us.

"Look at her! I could never wear khaki pants with a shirt tucked in. My butt is WAY too big for that."

"Yeah. And here we are, walking every day for three years. She doesn't even exercise."


"Well...we're healthy, but she's rotten inside, because she SMOKES!"

Justification is your friend.

Sioux said...

thisisme is right. Bill needs a keeper.

I advise you look in the mirror without glasses/contacts, and if your vision is fine, squint--so you don't see all the wrinkles and the crepe-paper skin.

Then you'll be able to tell yourself, "You look maaaahvelous."

Debora said...

I once bought two of my young grand-daughters each a small pocket mirror that was be-jeweled on the outside. I told them that they are like the mirror...what's on the outside is pretty, but what's on the inside is the real you. They are now each 14 years old. I so hope they remember that lesson. We are all beautiful.

Mary Horner said...

The mirror is a reflection of reality that we can't always see because of the layer of perception. Sometimes that's a good thing!

Merlesworld said...

As a small child I was wonderful then I hit teenage years it was all downhill then I met the beer fairy got married had two children and I was the centre of their world so I gathered I must be ok, now I am proud of my life and I don't mind all the faults or signs of age i now carry.

Tammy said...

Hooray for Grandpa. Maybe if men told us that often enough and meant it - rather than the opposite - we wouldn't hit that age of dwelling on our faults, too.

In fact, the other day I was telling a male friend that I'd been thinking about surgery for a painful hand condition. His response? "Don't do that. Then you'll have a scar." I was stunned at that response and told him I have LOTS of scars, and I'm rather proud of them.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

I hope she retains that confidence throughout her life. :)

She's blessed to have a grandpa, who encourages inner beauty.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Well, I've met you, and I happen to know you're beautiful. But I do understand what you're talking about. I do the same thing. I think all women do, and I wonder if it is an inherent female trait or if we've just been worn down by society.

Judy SheldonWalker said...

Sounds like your husband is a wise and caring man and Nicole is enjoying the moment but knows that it's what's inside in the long run.