Saturday, September 7, 2013

Now it's your turn; will you play my game?

Usually I am telling you the story. After looking at this photo, why don't YOU tell me what you think? A good writer answers the "Wh" questions: Who? What? Why? When? Where? 


Sioux Roslawski said...

Who? A very strange man.

What? A con. This odd old man is attempting to lure people into thinking he's sweet as honey.

Where? At a dank, dark place where weirdos like this hang out.

When: While his wife is busy submitting yet ANOTHER Chicken Soul-accepted story.

Why: He is a clever, cunning man...a man who is bent on pulling the wool over people's eyes. He's snagged one writer into his web of charm...and soon, another writer will be trapped.

jabblog said...

Who? He's a beekeeper.

What? The honey bees are making a recovery and he's happy about that.

Why? This year he has an abundance of honey and wants to share it.

When? It's the end of summer and the sun is warm and pleasant.

Where? Anywhere the wild flowers grow.

(I'm very literal!)

The twist is that he has perfected a method of poisoning the honey and is intent on gaining power. To do so he must persuade those in charge of the country that honey will increase their influence and bring them great riches. He will eventually become a senior adviser and finally take over when the President falls dangerously ill.

Anonymous said...

I know him. That's Rabbi Abe. He's raising money for his synagogue's charity fund by selling his homemade honey at a farmer's market held every Saturday in Woodstock. Yes. That Woodstock. In addition to raising money for the charity fund, he also raises awareness of the plight of the honeybee. Sometimes, if their parents sign waivers, he invites kids over to see his hives. He only has five of those little white suits with the 50 Leagues Under The Sea helmets, though, so only five kids at time can visit, and they have to be under 48 inches in height. His wife got him into bee keeping a few years ago, and since then his cholesterol has gone below 200. Doctor's aren't sure why, but they think it might be the honey.

Pearl said...

I don't know who this man is, but I'm afraid he may be inappropriately touching himself in this photo.

Or, perhaps, appropriately.


Either way, he's got some honey for you.


Val said...

I'm no good writer, so I might be short a few "Wh"s, but here's my gut feeling on this guy.

As an educator who has spent my lifetime being suspicious, I must first direct this hooligan to keep his hands in plain sight. He is up to something, judging from that twinkle in his eyes. He is the poster boy for shenanigans.

I sense a plot to organize the weirdos of the world. They will gambol through life like great Golden Retrievers, shirking responsibility, licking hands, and napping in beams of sunlight until time to be fed.

Because they can.

Kim said...

Who? Frank Garber, retired (and mute) cosmetics chemist.
What? He's giving a presentation, using large signs. Someone in the crowd just asked, "What is the secret for your smooth complexion?
Why? Because the sixty-odd (or sixty odd) women in the audience are envious of his youthful appearance.
When? At an event that is held annually during the final weekend of August.
Where? The Forestville Whole Body Wellness Fair.

Tammy said...

Who? The newest honey in my singles' group for people over 50

What? That remains to be seen, but it does look as if he's about to show us

Why? Who knows, but if that studly bee has a queen, she had better keep an eye on him

When? All the time

Where? Everywhere. Because one never knows who's lurking.

Dennis Bentley said...

You left out one of the Wh's: 'Research'.
The first thing your research would have revealed is the there is no 'wh' in the word research.
The second thing is that this catchphrase is the recently adopted slogan for Honey Nut Cheerios. That ad campaign kicked off with a music video by none other than StL's own rapper, Nelly.

The third thing your research would reveal is that the silver haired man in the photo is NOT Nelly.
What we have here is a man posing in front of one of the hundreds/thousands of HNC ad boards that are popping up in airports and other public places.

The man is situated to block out the animated bee on the sign.
I don't know who the man is. My facial recognition software is acting up. It keeps saying it's the venerable Alan Hale Jr., Gilligan's Skipper. That can't be right though because the slogan is only a few weeks old and AH Jr. Died in 1990 of thymus cancer.
See what a little research can do? Fascinating eh? I love it.


Unknown said...

Her name: Linda
Her game: Writing and Co-creator for NYMB-On Family.
She's extremely busy. You'll find her on any given day, buzzing around the St. Louis area, doing a book signing, public speaking, or hanging with Gloria Gaynor.

If you ask her what motivates her, what keeps her going, she most likely would smile a mischievous smile and must be the Honey!

Lynn said...

I'm afraid to touch this one...

Lynn said...

Ooops, the story that is...

Cathy C. Hall said...

I'm very much afraid this is YOUR honey and he's looking very sheepish indeed, probably because oops! He's got caught in the honey jar.

Notice I did not say WHAT is caught in the honey jar. But I feel like this might be a (mostly) PG-rated blog so I will let you fill in that part of the story yourself. :-)

Connie said...

Fred loves to have toast with honey on it for breakfast every day. Unfortunately, he is a sloppy eater and can't have toast with honey on it without getting his hands very sticky from it. After breakfast, he absentmindedly placed his hands in his lap. Now he can't get his hands unstuck from his pants--must be the honey.

Ha! OK, that was really lame, but you did ask me to play! :)

Susan said...

Who is this dear man with the sweet smile, standing in front of the honey sign?

Oh, my, it looks like Linda's hubby, Bill.

Why is he standing in front of that sign? He was probably coaxed by Linda to stand there for the photo.

What is he doing? Probably has his hands on the head of one of his beloved grandkids. Lord knows he loves those kiddos with all his heart.

When this photo was taken was probably sometime this summer. The sun looks bright and Bill is in a short-sleeved shirt.

Where it was taken is anyone's guess. Perhaps on vacation? While visiting a bee aviary or something?

In any event, it's a "honey" of a shot. Susan

p.s. Had to chuckle at some of the comments today, Linda. Oooo weeeee. Bill probably got a kick out of them, himself.

Thanks for sharing!

Susan said...

p.s. Mistake correction. Make that a bee APIARY.

Only birds are in an aviary.

Sorry about that. Susan