Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Oh my, a pie!

Bill's daughter, Michele, came to visit. She thanked her dad for taking her to the Father-Daughter Girl Scout event when she was a little girl.

Michele: "Remember I told you everyone had to bring a pie?"

Bill: "Yes, and I thought we were going to have them for dessert."

Michele: "And when we arrived, all the dads were standing side by side at a long table, each one with their pie in front of them."

Bill: "Uh-huh, and you bought my favorite pie, coconut cream."

Michele: "Yep, and when the troop leader said it was a pie eating contest, you were a good sport and dived head first into that solidly frozen coconut cream pie and tried to swallow that icy, lumpy bite. Remember?"

Bill: "THREE bites. How could I forget?"

Michele: "Hey Dad, when I went in to buy that pie, I almost got a frozen Mrs. Smith's apple pie."

Oh the joys of parenthood. And I know for a fact, Michele's and Robin's sweet daddy would do it all again...for any of the kids or grandkids. That's just who he is!


Theresa Sanders said...

Awww, sweet story, Linda. Yes, the joys -- and the ice and the lumps -- of parenthood (and grandparenthood!). It's a special time.

K9friend said...

Seems like a pie eating contest is something that ought to come with advance warning!

Critter Alley

Susan said...

Oh Bill is a dear, that's for sure.

I remember getting a baking set when I was about seven years old. I made little cakes and cookies and whatever. If the truth be told, the mixes that I made them from were quite awful tasting. My father ate them as soon as they came out of the oven and said they were DELICIOUS. Yep, fathers like him and Bill are treasures. Susan

Val said...

What a competitor!

Bookie said...

This Bill sounds like one crusty guy!

Daisy said...

Such a cute story. Bill is a good sport. :)