Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Whispers on the autumn breeze



One of us will turn loose first.
                                     Let's gussy up,
swagger in the breeze,
                            tease a smile out of passersby.
ang out till the very end, then
                      take the plunge with an air of authority,
                    as though we have always been in control
                                     of our own destiny.
I wrote this poem as I walked through the woods and personified the foliage. Giving human characteristics/emotions/attributes to inanimate objects was a fun challenge. Have you ever written from this perspective?

Your challenge: give it a try, and share a line from a leaf's perspective with me.


Connie said...

Lovely poem and photo! I can imagine a leaf not wanting to jump off the tree, but after being coaxed by his friends who have gone before him, he leaps and shouts, "Geronimo!" He falls and tumbles into his buddies below. They laugh and wrestle with each other as the wind tosses them about.

Bookie said...

Beautiful! I will consider taking your challenge but after just receiving rejections for five poems, my confidence is nil!!!!

Susan said...

I like it, Linda. Can't say as I have tried writing from that perspective. Susan

Merlesworld said...

I read poems but don't write them, maybe I should try.

Val said...

This is my favorite time of year. Which doesn't help me write poetry about it!

Sioux Roslawski said...

"I need to slather on some,"
the dry, dead leaf said.

Soon, the crackly leaf
was coated in lotion.

"Aaaah. Much better."

BECKY said...

I'm so proud to be a member
of this majestic tower of grace and elegance.
Our distinct spectacular shades of orange and red and yellow
blend together so perfectly
and bring unexpected smiles from passersby.
Our overwhelming beauty warms their hearts
and because of this
my uniqueness shines even brighter.