Sunday, January 10, 2016

The meteorolgists made me do it!

I attended a St. Louis Writer's Guild meeting on Saturday. Bob Baker, former president of St. Louis Publisher's Association, a self-made writer, musician, entrepreneur, presented a workshop on empowerment. It was just the kick I needed after receiving a rejection.

So often we get discouraged and undervalue our work. Discouragement and under valuing trickles down and affects our self esteem, our worth as a creative artist. Do not allow fear to stop you. Give yourself permission to succeed.

I was quite certain I would be leaving his lecture early, because all of the meteorologists: the Botox injected stiff-lipped older weather gal; the confident head honcho with the honking nose and chutzpa; the bald guy who skips around in tennis shoes and plays songs with all his forecasts; the dizzy blond with painted clown mouth who slurs her words; the middle age woman who likes cheap costume jewelry; the sweet young woman who takes her job seriously; and the tall drink of water whose voice rises and falls like she's reading music notes off the teleprompter, all predicted two to four inches of snow.

My daughter, who was babysitting Liam, was so excited about showing him his first snowfall.

As I drove to the meeting place, rain drops plunked, then splattered flat and turned to big fat snowflakes. Now, you know I am not fond of winter, but if you're going to broadcast a prediction of 2-4 inches and it's the first snow, the kid in me gets a little excited.

I looked out the window of the meeting room as hamster-size snowflakes fell. Fifteen minutes later, it was over. Seems a gust, or a whoop, or a gulf stream, or some other thing swung high or low, and the snow dissipated for those living east of Highway 44.

I sneaked peeks at Facebook and  read about accumulations in friends' yards. They were busy making soups, stews, hot bread. I called home and asked my honey to stop by the bakery for me. I like to dunk a treat in coffee, ESPECIALLY when it snows.

I am reminded of my next door neighbor and late, best friend, Rose, who got me started drinking coffee. She introduced me to it on a snowy day when we came inside after igloo building, having snowball fights, sliding down the front lawn with our kids until our noses were dripping and bright red. For years, the only time I had coffee was when I dunked donuts or her delicious banana bread at her house. Then I'd dump out the rest of the coffee.

Now, I eat double the donuts, and perk a second pot of coffee when it snows. Only, this time it fizzled. The meteorologists fouled up, and so did I. I ate a fat, custard-filled chocolate iced donut in the afternoon. And a Danish after dinner.

Those darn meteorologists! 


Sioux said...

Yes, I looked forward to some pretty, snow-covered landscapes as well.

Hamster-sized flakes? A great phrase and perfect for what happened yesterday.

Oh well. Perhaps another day, the meteorologists will get it with more accuracy...

Bookie said...

Ah yes, the same thing happened here, Linda!!! Only a couple of hours of flakes and now bitter cold!It is somewhat disappointing. Glad you got to attend an uplifting meeting though!!!! And snatched some goodies for comfort during the day!!!

Connie said...

Of course, it is the weatherman's fault. You are completely absolved. :D

We are getting snow here today. They are predicting 2 to 3 inches for us. And here I am stuck without a single doughnut in the house. Ha! I do have some bagels, though, so maybe they will have to do. :)

Val said...

YES! Point the finger! You described them all to the last detail. They made me do my shopping on a FRIDAY EVENING! I never want to do that again.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

We so rarely have snow here in Atlanta that when there's even the threat of the most minuscule dusting it becomes "Winter Watch 2016!" lol And all the milk and bread disappears from the aisles of the grocery stores.

As to dunking, I love dunking plain cake doughnuts into coffee. Oh, yum! I love everything about it, from the texture to the way my coffee tastes when the doughnut is gone. So. Good. Never tried banana bread, but I see that on my horizon!

K9friend said...

Yes, the first snowfall of the year is exciting, unless it's the day for your daughter's baby shower. We agonized over whether to cancel and finally went on with the show. It turned out glad we didn't wimp out!

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