Friday, May 26, 2017

Love grows in our yard

My favorite place to be is on the patio swing, reading a book, feeling a warm summer breeze.

Oh, if you could have seen the surprise on Liam's face when he found a fairy garden in our backyard right next to the planter filled with Gerbera daisies that he and his Nana Tracey decorated for me.

Fellow writer and friend, Sioux, gave me the seashell mobile last year because she knows how much I love the beach. I found this plaque for a dollar, added more seashells, and glued it to the hanger. It makes me so happy to gaze at it and listen to the shells tinkle.

Love DOES grow in our yard. Just look at this busy little boy who laid out sea shells and sprayed them with watered down paint. When dry, we removed the shells, and their outlines remained.

My son, Jason, and his family gave me this solar light. It reminds me of the bluebird of happiness. When I look out at night and the blue globe is glowing, I'm reminded of family and so many people and things for which I'm thankful... and I say a little prayer of gratitude and protection for all.

Bill's daughter, Robin, gave me this lovely hanging basket for Mother's Day, and it is thriving.

My rose bush, from Bill's daughter, Michele and family, not so much. We have sprayed it with a safe pesticide, but as you can see, we fought the pests and pests won. Any advice on how to save the rose bush? It is still blooming. Can find no visible insects except teeny little bees.


Bookie said...

I don't know a thing about roses. I have one knock out rose and it takes care of itself. The rest of your flowers and yard are lovely, peaceful place I'm sure when you can "get" it. Ah, the joys of a private place!

Connie said...

Beautiful yard! I don't know much about growing roses, but I wonder if the bees you mention might be leaf cutter bees. Here are some links that give suggestions on what to do.

Val said...

That is one tricked-out swing! I can't help with the roses. Mine are growing like weeds.

Now I want a fairy garden.

Susan said...

Everything looks great, Linda. Love your comfy swing, too. Susan

Karen Lange said...

It's lovely, Linda! So glad you have a happy, wonderful little place to retreat. Can't get over how big Liam's getting. He's such a cutie. Have a great week! :)

Pat Wahler said...

Very pretty and peace-inspiring. I love the idea of spraying the paper to make shapes. When Henry is a little older, we'll try it.


Sandi said...

What a treasure to find that little garden home! :)