Thursday, August 22, 2019

Paranormal? Abnormal? This is not normal.

I would label myself a skeptic, but also a believer in things I cannot explain. My dearest prefers to ignore those things he cannot explain. He says I'm off the deep end trying to find a supernatural reason for things I should forget about. Or he comes up with his own preposterous explanations.

For many years we would hear something that sounded like a giant book thud to the floor in the kitchen, or a tinkling of pots and pans in a cabinet, or clanking in the hall closet. We finally quit getting up to see what it was, when there was nothing to see.

"That thud is a refrigerator noise," he exclaimed.

"The pots and pans?" I asked.

"Your imagination." (Then it was his, too because he heard it.)

The activity is becoming physical. The boys have an emergency vehicles (ambulance, firetruck, police car etc.) wooden puzzle with contacts that activate sounds when the pieces are put in. The other night I placed all of the pieces in the empty puzzle, turned off the light and closed the playroom door. The puzzle went crazy with siren sounds when I left the room. That was odd.

I waited outside the darkened room. Quietly I opened the door. Nothing! When I turned on the light, the sirens wailed.

I waited for them to stop. Then I turned OFF the light. They wailed again. I showed Bill.

He said, "Oh some of your hebbie-jeebie stuff? It's a puzzle. Nothing more."

The next day the boys were coming over. I went to get the puzzle. The firetruck was missing. GONE!

I showed Bill how turning the light on and off activated the puzzle noises. Which never happened before.

"Ahh, forget about it!"

"Where is the firetruck?" I asked.

"Who knows? Doesn't matter. Okay so maybe your ghoooost took it." He teased me.

That evening after the kids were gone, we were watching TV in the living room with the cat on a chair nearby, when the puzzle went off in the darkened playroom.

"Did you hear that?" I asked.

"I heard it. And it doesn't matter." He went to the kitchen, whipped around in the doorway and shouted, "That was not funny! Now you got me wet. Where is the squirt gun? I felt you do it."

I looked at him like HE was crazy. "I've been sitting here looking at my phone. I haven't moved! Look! I have nothing. It's my cell phone."

"Then the cat ran by with a wet tail and flicked me on the back of my leg!"

I stared at him. "The cat is still asleep in the chair right here."

He barked, "One of you is messing with me! I felt the squirt gun. I know it was you!"

I got up and walked over to him and  felt the bottom of his shorts. The right leg was WET! As though it had been squirted. Not dripping but wet!

Embarrassed as I am to admit it, I asked him to take off his shorts. "It's not urine. It's colorless, odorless, but wet. I think it IS water."

He looked at me and said, "Really? You think I pee backwards? Where is the squirt gun? I know you did it."


He refuses to discuss it. Paranormal? Abnormal?  Something is going on.


Val said...

Heh, heh! Peeing backwards! Maybe he'll stop denying it now.

This stuff fascinates me. I was never a believer until I saw a headless man in my basement. We have the sounds, the electronics that sometimes go crazy, and I've felt a touch. But NEVER has anything squirted water!

My youngest son experiences this stuff at his college apartment. A few weeks ago, he actually saw "a grey woman" (his description) sitting on his couch in broad daylight, while he was in the kitchen making lunch. My oldest son, and my husband, think we are crazy. I guess maybe you can inherit the ability to sense these things.

Sandi said...

Your puzzle probably has a loose wire. I have no guess for the water. I do believe in the supernatural, demons, angels, but I am not one for ghosts.

Did you do anything before all this started, I mean to open the door to the spirit realm...? Spooky question!

Susan said...

Oh heavens, Linda. That was hilarious. Bill's comments never fail to crack me up BIG TIME. Thanks for the "before bed" chuckles. Whatever you do, don't pee backwards. ha ha hahhahhahaaha Susan

Pat Wahler said...

Sounds like some creepy stuff for sure. At least whatever it is has a sense of humor!

Kim said...

Was it raining? Is the roof leaking? Could it have been water from a light or fan? Is the kitchen vent hooked to the bathroom vent?

Connie said...

Oh my! I would be wondering what is happening too. Some things can't be explained, and it is unsettling when those things are happening to you!

Cathy C. Hall said...

I'm not sure why it's so easy for us to believe in life after death but so hard for us to believe that those same spirits might choose to hang around.

As for the puzzle, could be a loose wire. But that's one selective loose piece of wiring. And for a piece to end up missing? I'm going with a ghost in the house. And the kind of ghost that likes to mess with Bill.

I'd do a little digging to see who lived in the house before. (No pun intended.)

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Interesting! Occurrences like this are fascinating. Follow up with us, will you, and let us know if anything else happens?

Julia Gordon-Bramer said...

I'm finally getting time to comment! As some of your friends have said, electronics are an easy trigger for something that is already energy. We've had all our bedroom lights turn on at once in the middle of the night, and stereos start blaring out of nowhere, and it isn't unusual for me to be deep in thought when something activates my printer and it starts running through a test on its own. But I have NEVER heard of them using water! That is rather amazing and would require quite a bit of strength from the other side. I think you should research the history of your property and see if you can connect the dots. There might have been a child who died there or nearby who likes to play.