Monday, August 26, 2019

Writers beware, or watch your hiney!

Hello my readers and writer friends. Here are a few tips.
Surprise your reader with something completely unexpected. Liam had fun at the pretend laundromat at the Magic House Children's Museum. He spun the washer and peered inside at all the green-hued clothing. He was surprised and laughed when he discovered a green pickle and cucumber inside.

Animal abuse in a book is a no-no, and likely to be rejected by an editor/agent according to an agent at a conference I attended. An animal in your manuscript can be a stinker, a rescuer, a link between two people.

Most people cannot resist puppies and kittens. Liam and Alex assumed the role of veterinarians. 

Babies soften the hardest heart.  Describe a baby: pudgy? Skinny? Lanky? Prune faced? Head shaped like a ....? 

Alex played doctor in the newborn nursery. He took temperatures with a nasal aspirator, weighed babies on an infant scale.... and then weighed himself and laughed. He took hats off and begged ME to get them back on.  Provide your reader facts or details about something unusual related to your topic. 

 When you pass on information, it can end up like a bad game of TELEPHONE. Do not gossip to or about other writers, and do not reveal too much, too soon in your manuscript. Let your reader make discoveries. Alex babbled into the pay phone (for kids to play with) and kept saying, "Hehwwo!" He finally shouted, "NO!" and hung up, disgusted with his one-way conversation.

Do not linger longer than need be. If you can say it with two sentences, don't write it in two paragraphs. You don't want the reader to hang up on you.

Reach for your goals and vow to attain them. Invest in you and your writing, even if you only have a  few minutes to jot down an idea. Be brave, go out on a limb, and climb high! 

Liam liked Jack's two story high bean stalk. Be as tenacious as Liam.

When you are tired, rest. Add a dash of humor to your stories.
Liam sat on the colorful steps. I rested on a colorful bench named Musical Chairs. The string instrumental music was driving me crazy. Another lady sat down and pounding drums added to my headache. Then another person sat on the four seat bench and percussion instruments added to the symphony of sounds. The fourth occupant activated the woodwinds. 

I got up and the strings stopped. The woman next to me stood and the drums silenced. Yes, our behinds were activating the symphony. We all had a good laugh.


Connie said...

Great pictures and advice. Looks like everyone had a fun time. Liam is looking so grown up.

BECKY said...

Fun photos and advice, Linda!

DUTA said...

Alex is a 'natural' both in his role as a doctor and as a phone talker.
Interesting writing tips!

Susan said...

That must have been quite a symphony! Hilarious, Linda.

Val said...

Heh, heh! A much worse symphony could have been played by a collection of butts! You and the boys are so lucky to experience these activities together. The good time is evident in their faces.

Pat Wahler said...

Wonderful tips and fun pics from the Magic House. We took our little guy there a few months back, and he had so much fun! What a great place to visit.

Cathy C. Hall said...

Yep, liked your tips and loved your pics! I don't know where you find all the energy to do what you do...did they have anything in the museum about bottling that get up and go? :-)

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Great tips, as always, Linda. And the pics of those sweet boys always make me smile. :)