Monday, February 15, 2010

Frozen Precip

Okay folks, on the evening news the local weatherman remarked that there would be flurries Friday into Saturday. I knew that. I was not thrilled, but if it has to be snow, I'd rather have flurries. Then it was as if he smacked me in the face with a snowball...another snowfall is coming Monday. Are you kidding me!

WINTER or Why DID they have to wake that groundhog?
by Linda O'Connell

I can’t stay up past sundown. I’m wide awake at three.
All day I am lethargic; I know what’s wrong with me.
I ache for old friend sunshine which eases all my pain.
I hate precipitation, but I’d welcome springtime rain.
I need a break from frigid; this deep freeze has me down.
I’m tired of salt brine on my car and pot holes all around.
I’m sick and tired of shivering,I have goosebumps head to toe.
Just when I think it's warming, they call for one more snow.
I’m tired of wearing socks to bed and nightgowns past my knees.
I am sick and tired of winter; hurry springtime, please!


BECKY said...

Ditto! ☺

Bookie said...

What a fun poem, made me smile! You caught exactly how I am feeling. Know what I am hearing here? THREE fronts next week and one could be major storm. Our weatherman assures us that after March 15th the bad weather will be finished. Hum, can I believe that guy?

Susan Wicker said...

Oh, Linda, your poem is perfect! That's EXACTLY how I'm feeling these days. ha ha haha ha ha We have snow falling (again) as I speak and a big storm is predicted for this afternoon. How much longer will this winter last? And last? And last? Take care and stay warm! Sincerely, Susan from

K9friend said...

From your fingers to God's ears! (I hope)

Linda O'Connell said...

Hi ladies, I am sure when spring finally arrives, the air will warm considerably due to our collective sigh of relief. You won't hear me complaining abou the hot air.

Julia said...

I hear ya, sister.