Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Up in the morning and out of bed...

It's a little after 9:00 and I just returned from St. Louis Writer's Guild open mic at Wired Coffee. As always a lively bunch of readers with diverse genres made the listening fun. A couple of readers went high-tech and read from their lap tops. One computer crashed and the batteries in the other one slowly drained. There is something to be said for hard copy and having paper in hand to read from.

I read a humorous essay about my morning routine. I actually wrote this piece for an older women's magazine contest, so I can't reveal too much right now. But let's just say it got a few chuckles and positive comments. Maybe it was the remark about when the hubby wakes and the house comes alive with sight, sound and smell...some less desirable than others. After the contest, I will post it on the blog. I'll bet it would make Erma Bombeck smile.

What is it you do the first thing each morning besides rush to the bathroom? Do you have a routine? My routine begins in bed when I am lying still. Once my eyes open, regardless of time, my mind clicks on and there is no going back to sleep.

Kid quip today; 3 yr old girl: "Xavier likes me because I am a love muffin." Oh to have such high self-esteem. In all my years I've never tagged myself as such.


Beth M. Wood said...

I beat the crap out of my alarm. Oops, I mean, I gently push the snooze button, lift one eyelid and beg the dog to hold it for one more minute before I have to get up and let her outside. THEN I run to the bathroom ; )

K9friend said...

Routine almost never varies.
Let dog out.
Let dog in.
Rest stop.
Feed critters.
Feed self.
Sneak peek at computer.
Get ready for work.
Out the door.