Sunday, February 14, 2010

Here's how my writing paid off 16 years ago

The other day my husband read what I wrote for a contest about my morning routine. I begin my day with a prayer that ends, "and please-please let my husband sleep another hour so I can write in peace and quiet." He is taking it quite literally. I hear him stirring in the bedroom, biding his time, waiting until the half-hour before he makes his appearance. On this, our wedding anniversary and also Valentine's Day, he is giving me a gift that I truly appreciate, time to write. Of course I am writing a love note to him about the three men I love: the child who resides inside the big hulk, the centered man who makes me feel loved and who helps me clearly see both sides of any issue, and the paw-paw who demonstrates over and over how every man should treat women and children.

Some of you know that my writing is responsible for my second and third wedding (to this same man I've been with for twenty-one years. Sixteen years ago, I wrote a parody song for a radio contest and won a complete Valentine's Day wedding package. We were married in the glorious Grand Hall(upstairs)at Union Station with ninety-seven other couples. It was televised and broadcast live on Y 98, and also over the intercom at the middle school where I worked at the time.

Bill and I had scheduled our wedding for April; my best friend was travelling from Boston to be maid of honor and her husband was best man. So, although we married on 2/14/94, we married again in April. Actually, Sheila and Bruce were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, so we all repeated our vows again in the presence of family and friends.

Here are two of the verses I can still remember to the parody song I wrote.
Tune: He Ain't Got a Barrel of Money

Oh, he ain't got a barrel of money, he might have a big old tummy,
but we'll travel through life; I'll be this man's wife, standing side by side.

Oh, he likes his ice cream and candy, but I think this big guy's just dandy;
young love's exciting and new, ours is like an old shoe...I love my big old guy!

So, writers out there, think out of the box. You never know where your writing will take you or how it will pay off!


Tammy said...

What a lovely story! Happy Anniversary!

BECKY said...

Happy Anniversary, Linda! Ron and I had the same idea....wanted to be married on Valentine's Day, but...we were broke, couldn't miss a day of work, and had a weekend honeymoon in Kansas City!It was FREEZING there that year!

K9friend said...

Happy anniversary! Good thinking, too. No excuse for forgetting an anniversary that falls on Lover's Day!

Lynn said...

Happy Anniversary Linda! What a cute story.

Julia said...

Hope your anniversary was great. As I get older and wiser, it is so wonderful to see examples of great, healthy, long-time loving relationships around me. It seems that only in the last few years has my life given me models like you to admire, learn from, and hopefully model my own marriage after.