Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A wee bit of frivolity from the old folks today

I saw a photo on Facebook of President Obama in a suit lying on his back on the floor, his arms extended, holding a baby wearing a bunny snow suit above him. They are looking into one another's face. It is a precious image.

Triggered a memory I had almost forgotten. Twenty-three years ago we were babysitting Bill's first grandchild. Grandpa laid on his back on the carpet, extended his arms and lifted baby Kyle above his head. Face to Face, eye to eye...I wish I had taken a photo of that special bonding moment of Grampy jostling the baby and the baby cooing. Bill turned his head to the side. Talk about getting an ear full. Baby Kyle filled Bill's ear with spit up, and I laughed until I cried.

One time my honey was babysitting, and he called me at work to ask when I'd be home. He had a major issue. So I hurried home to discover month-old Kyle had pooped and was wearing a long legged onesie that had only four snaps at the crotch. Bill was frantic because he could not get Kyle's newborn bent legs out of there to change him. Again, I laughed.

Another time, he carried sleeping Kyle, in his pumpkin seat with a baby blanket tossed over it. He placed the baby carrier on the couch, and when I uncovered him, the baby was upside down. His head was at the bottom of the seat and his tiny legs were at the top. Did I laugh? Well, you know me.

Last night I mentioned that a bug had bit me. My funny honey said, "That bug must have good taste in women." HE is the reason for many of my laugh lines.

Want to share anything that made you laugh or smile big.

Local writers or readers interested in guest speakers at the library in Frontenac on Lindbergh? Mary Karr, memoirist (The Liar's Club) will be speaking Thursday evening.


Sioux said...

So, Bill has the same reaction from babies as he does with women? ;)

Bookie said...

Chemo chaos still some manageable today. Loved reading a light page here! Early in the cancer story here, Hubby had a skin appointment and I was too sick to go. He stood in front of me cleaned up and asked if these shoes were his. He stood there in MY purple trimmed runners! He got them on the closet south side...why, when that had been my side for 45 years. Well, he couldn't find his and just thought....he changed to some of his own other shoes and I have laughed since.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

There's just something about a big, strong man rendered helpless by a baby that makes my heart go pitty-pat. :)

Something that made me laugh...the first thing that comes to mind is the first time my son called me for cooking advice after he moved out of state. He was making my mac and cheese recipe and thought it looked funny. We went down the list of ingredients and I asked some questions. Turns out he put it all together without first cooking the macaroni. I laughed a lot, mostly because he sounded so flummoxed over the the thing. lol

Val said...

The upside-down baby!

Hick put his overalls on backwards one morning. Didn't realize it until he couldn't figure out how to fasten the shoulder straps.

Susan Sundwall said...

Once when I was talking about the "good old days" with two of our grandchildren, five-year-old Anna looked at me with big eyes and said, "Grandma, when you were little was everything in black and white?" Still chuckle when I think of that one. That Bill - what a hoot!

Connie said...

These are such cute stories! Thanks for the smiles today.