Thursday, September 1, 2016

The colors of September

The last days of summer are dwindling, and spending time outdoors in nature makes me feel so happy. This picture was taken two years ago. Our leaves are not changing yet, but before you know it these colors will be debuting again. Meanwhile, I'd like to share a few vibrant or dull colors with you.

Years ago I had a royal blue swimsuit, and the top of it was colored with a spray of bright, pink flowers with yellow centers. 

We were at Johnson Shut Ins, a place where granite boulders jut out of the land and river. They form natural pools and slides.

I was lying on my back in a shallow natural pool. I closed my eyes, and when I opened them a few moments later, I held my breath and hardly moved a muscle. I could not believe my eyes. That floral design had attracted more than a dozen dragon flies. I observed as they tried in vain to get nectar from those fake flowers. The picture is still vivid in my mind, but there is no way to prove it. No photo.

The other day Liam and I were walking around a lake, and a beautiful black and blue butterfly landed at his feet. I told him when he sees something beautiful in nature, he should say, "Thank you, God for my eyes." It was so cute to hear his little voice raised in praise. Then he asked the butterfly, "I hold you?" 

He ran after it, but of course it flew away, and he was off to chase the ducks.

Mother Nature is just about finished with our tomatoes. The birds and squirrels have been devouring them, and we really don't mind. They've already lost their flavor on the vine. 

The apples on our neighbor's tree are sun kissed and ripening.

And the squash is overtaking everything.

Someone gave me BLACK petunias. Those yellow ones are artificial flowers to add a bright color. Liam's sweet little doggy statue watches over them.

The sedum is ready to erupt any day now in pinkish-purple blossoms, and when that happens, they will be covered with all sorts of insects, from bumble bees to honey bees, butterflies, moths, flies and every kind of winged insect. See my sweet little birthday plant, (an impatiens?) from Nicole. 

I am so grateful for my eyes and all the wonderful colors I see each day. Yesterday after a downpour there was a vibrant rainbow. I did not get a photo in time. You can bet when the sedum is in full bloom, I will post photos of that.


jabblog said...

Summer flowers are blowsy and overblown now and it's good to see the subtler, softer Autumn tones taking over.

Susan said...

Oh yes, Linda, you are so right. Thank the Lord for our precious eyesight. I never heard of black petunies! Wowsers. Loved all your photos. Thanks for this sweet September post! Hugs. Susan

Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--I had to chuckle when I read the dragonfly story. I imagine Bill might have had a clever remark about THAT experience.

Pat Wahler said...

We're coming up to my favorite time of year. Fall is so refreshing and beautiful after a long hot summer.


Connie said...

Nice photos. The colors of fall are always a welcome sight. Liam is so cute.

Bookie said...

This is such an easy season to appreciate. A closing down, a slowing down. When I first stepped on the deck this morning there was a chorus of crickets singing. Autumn sounds. And don't you love the black petunias...mine are called Black Mambas and they are only flowers to have stood up well to this wearying summer.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

"Thank you" is a daily ritual that seems to get longer and include more things the older I get. Nice post.

Lynn said...

Hey, it's really me. Can you believe it? I'm trying to make the rounds. Love your pictures. Miss reading everyone's blogs. I need to write a post of my own.... ack, haven't since July.... really? And your greatgrandbaby is getting so big, he's adorable. Can't wait to catch up at our next meeting.

Val said...

Your top leaf picture would make a great 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. And so would one of you and the dragonflies, if only you had one!

Mary Horner said...
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Mary Horner said...

Thanks for sharing, Linda. I love taking walks in the fall and winter because there are so many beautiful surprises in nature.