Sunday, September 25, 2016

Did you see a mermaid in the park?

We were surprised to see the American Queen Riverboat docked on the riverfront, here in St. Louis. Passengers boarded a large motor coach to see the sights around town. We've taken sea cruises before, but this seemed like a fun way to travel. Have you ever taken a river cruise?

Then we went for ice cream with my daughter and her husband, drove to a nearby park to sit and enjoy our treat. What delightful surprises we came upon in Francis Park. Today was the Art in the Park Fair. The trees were adorned with colorful paper globes.
 What a lovely sculpture, perfect for lovers taking a stroll or grandmas telling their special one how much he or she is loved.

The little dragon sculpture in the basin must trip every child's imagination.
 And look at this fantastic, tree top-high high, and oh so colorful piece of art.

This is  one of my favorites. 
 Here is a close up of the little mermaid reading a book. She's made of concrete and decorated with bits of mirror and cut glass. What a wonderful creation.

So many surprises to be found among all the gorgeous lily pads and flowers. Made me thankful.

There were so many artists displaying and selling their wares in this park and around town this weekend at fall festivals. One  was the Strange Festival. We did not go to that one. One of the artists was featured on the news. She makes jewelry out of human teeth, hair, fake eyes. Not my thing. I'm sure there were more strange things, but I wasn't that curious.

Summer is hanging on one more day and then making way for fall. High of 72 degrees tomorrow. I'm ready. Liam and I will surely spend it outdoors doing something fun. Have a great week, everyone.


Val said...

I've never been on a riverboat cruise, unless the Casino Queen counts, back when it used to make 2-hour excursions. Wait! There was another one, too. Not a gambling boat. We took the older boys on it back in the early '90s, up and down the Mississippi.

I did take a ferry on the inside passage from Ketchikan to Juneau. I think you've heard of those cities! It was huge. Reminded me of the Love Boat. Not that I found love.

That's an artsy park.

Sioux said...

I had a friend who went on a riverboat cruise. These were her exact words: "All you will see is muddy water the whole way." She was not thrilled.

Thanks for sharing photos from the art fair. I hope you and Liam have a great day tomorrow.

Bookie said...

I would like to do a river boat cruise I think even though I'm not great with boats. Sounds like you had a great weekend and restful!

K9friend said...

The weather is scrumptious today. A true taste of fall, and perfect for any outdoor fun.


Connie said...

I love all the art work in the park. The park would be a favorite place for me anyway, but the colorful art would make it even more fun.

DUTA said...

Yes, I did take a river cruise. It was on the river Moskva (city of Moscow) last year. Enjoyed it enormously.
Parks are not only places of recreation , but also a good source for inspiration as varous forms of art are displayed there either permanently or during fairs and festivals.