Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Why? Well, WHY NOT?!

Last one, I promise. Couldn't resist posting this little happy face. His language is exploding, and his vocabulary is amazing. His latest: if we ask him "WHY?" about anything, he replies, "Why not?"

So I am taking his words to heart. Why should I work on a NANOWRIMO project?


 I will be working everyday on revising my novel, The Hot Mess Chronicles, which has been collecting dust since an agent rudely rejected it a few years ago with this comment:

"Why would I want to read about that decade? I lived through it!"

Although I have 84,000 words completed, revision is not as easy as it sounds.

I will pop in and out, so do check back on my blog posts.


Connie said...

Adorable photo! Good luck to you on your book project. Have a good month!

Bookie said...

Agree to sweet photo. Glad you have a plan for a while. Keep at it.
Couple days here not great and no much accomplished at any level! More later when I have a good computer maybe.

DUTA said...

Clever little boy! Why not, indeed?
Sometimes, the 'why' questions can be tactless, annoying, and even stupid - so, "why not" seems to be the best answer.
Good Luck with your novel revision!

Southhamsdarling said...

Liam us gorgeous, and I know how much he means to you. Why not? I hope those words will inspire you - onwards and upwards!

Pat Wahler said...

If you believe in your work, then the only choice you have is to do it. Get writing, woman!


Kathy's Klothesline said...

Just looking at him makes me happy! He is so darn cute!!

Val said...

You can never show us too much Liam!

Get crackin' on those revisions! Not everybody lived through it, and some DID, and like to reminisce. You can't let the words of one agent define your project. Some people like Diet Coke, some people (I don't know what's wrong with them!) prefer Diet Pepsi. You have an audience (and agent) somewhere who will be interested.

Lynn said...

Good for you and I know your story will be fantastic. Can't wait to read it! And what a cutie that great grandson of yours!