Friday, October 27, 2017

Celebrating a couple of cuties

Happy birthday to my son, Jason, who has a heart as big as the sky. He is always joking around with his kids, wife, and ME. When I least expect it, he taps my shoulder, jumps out, acts silly, then says, "Who me? What?!"  Playfulness keeps us young.

Forty-four years ago, my belly was as big as an inflated beach ball. Every Sunday before he was born, we took a drive to the country, and I hiked to the top of  a tree-covered hillside, my favorite exercise to this day. 
 Since he was born, Jason has made me proud, worried me gray, and given me wrinkles and smile lines, depending upon how many wheels he was riding around on. I think his first word was, "Vroom."  If he could have, he would have been a moto-cross driver.
 Ten years ago Nicole was born two days after her daddy's birthday. She is quite the artist and creates fantastic fashion designs. I have a notion she is going places in the fashion industry. She is still sweet and innocent, Nana's girl! Happy birthday, baby girl.
You can't imagine how many Halloween-themed birthday cakes I have made over the years. 


Sioux Roslawski said...

I know how proud you are of both of them--Nicole and Jason.

I hope your next week is wonderful. (Nicole is still such a cutie.)

Val said...

Happy Birthday to Jason and Nicole. I hope you don't get too many pranks played on you!

Susan Sundwall said...

Great tribute from a great Mom and Grandma!

Pat Wahler said...

A couple of cuties!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Happy birthday, Jason and Nicole! Your pride rings out in every word, as well it should. You have so many blessings of family. :)