Saturday, December 30, 2017

Holiday fun at the O'Connell house

I absolutely love Christmas because our home overflows with family and friends. 

 Nicholas is going to be 16 soon. He and his best buddy, Parker, love fishing. Nick would fish everyday if he could. I made him this gift, and he claims it is his favorite.

My sweet Nicole is 10 and still loves Nana's hugs. She piggy backed Liam upstairs. She's my girl!

Liam loved his garage and cars and especially the dinosaur Transformer.

Ashley, my first grandchild, and her husband Justin with their boys, Alex and Liam.

Bill's grandchildren, Kyle 24, Morgan 18, George 20.

 Granddaughter Madison, 19 who just returned home from the Navy and changed her look completely. Not pictured is her brother, Sean,18 who is also in the Navy.

 My daughter Tracey and son Jason. Seems only yesterday they were my babies.

 Bill with his girls, Robin and Michele playing a rousing game of Phase 10.

We had a wonderful holiday. 

Be sure to come back and read how I ruined one man's holiday dream and left him devastated. 


Sioux Roslawski said...

My goodness, what a great family you have. They all look so happy, and you look so proud--which you should be.

Michele (in the face, from the picture) looks so much like Sasquatch. I hope she isn't 7 feet tall with hairy feet...

Liam looks like a kindergartener with his car garage, and Nicole keeps growing up. (Can't you put a stop to that? ;)

You're such a prolific and successful writer, Linda, I don't know how 2018 could be any better for you than 2017. However, this is what I wish you would do in 2018: really (and seriously) work on your memoir. You've led such an interesting and inspiring life--I think many people would enjoy it.

Happy New Year, Linda.

Sandi said...

What great pictures!

The Navy! How cool...adventures await. I wonder what all they will see of the world.

And this...

"Be sure to come back and read how I ruined one man's holiday dream and left him devastated."

UH!! You sure know how to do a cliff-hanger, Linda!

Connie said...

Wonderful family photos! Looks like Christmas was both busy and happy at your house. :)

Kathy's Klothesline said...

so happy you had a good time with family. I am on the outs with my girls. Just marking time until they get over themselves.

Val said...

Wow! You had a house full! Looks like everybody was enjoying themselves.

Pat Wahler said...

I love the holidays, especially for the opportunity to spend time with family making memories. Looks like your clan had a marvelous time together!

Lynn said...

Sweet family!