Friday, December 15, 2017

They're growing; it's showing

Alex (four months) loves when Frosty sings to him. He is the happiest baby ever! Paw Paw held him on his lap. Face to face they observed each other. When Bill talked to him,  Alex laughed out loud.  

 Liam, three-and-a-half, is a busy boy these days. I am doing fine motor development preschool activities with him. He is learning to stay on task for a non-preferred seated activity, with a little (lot) of nudging and encouragement from his loving nana.

Liam's large motor development is in the forefront. You should see him tackle this rock 'em-sock 'em. He is a mover and shaker. Liam prefers to be running and jumping through early childhood, as all little ones should be able to do. I always told my students' parents, "Your child won't be 23 and unable to hook chain links or print his/her name. Development is unique to each child. Readiness is the key word with little ones. Forced learning is the worst learning, in my opinion."

He's happily learning beginning letter recognition/phonics. He can READ the words bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, rat, and sat. When he reads the word FAT, I tease him and squeal, "Did you say I am fat? I will tickle you." I chase him all around. Lots of love and laughter when he's learning.

His vocabulary is exploding. He repeats what he hears on TV. He tripped on something getting out of the car and said, "Nana, let's get this bad boy out of my way." I had to laugh.

Come back soon. I have something special to share with you about writer and blog buddy, Lisa Ricard Claro.


DUTA said...

There's rhyming in your post's title: 'growing...showing'; it catches the eye.
Your grandsons are both adorable, and you're doing a great job about Liam's motor development.

Val said...

Such happy boys! They are lucky to have you in their lives.

Connie said...

Sweet pictures of those boys. They must be a joy to have around.