Friday, May 1, 2009

Filling your writer's calendar~

It's May, and as I flip the page on my writing calendar, that blank page seems daunting. I've discovered that when I force myself to write I wear myself out. I must allow my thoughts to flow naturally, then the words gush like a waterfall. Sometimes I am inspired to write daily, and other times I go days without writing. Then, as if a dam breaks I produce a dozen pieces.

Don't despair if you have a case of writer's block, or other interests at the moment. Listen and observe the people and happenings around you, think of all of the roles that you play in your life. Then free write for a few minutes; meander on the page in all directions and see what happens. If you're still 'stuck' imagine a window and write a paragraph. Are you inside/outside? Describe the scene.

Today the photographer from the Post-Dispatch came to school to photograph me in action. He had such a good time in my class he stayed half the morning and even sang and danced with the kids. Bill calls me the Pied Piper of Kids; I guess that picture taking young fellow was just a kid at heart. Like me!

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