Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I can see clearly~

Bill gasped when I opened the glove box in his truck. "What are all those glasses doing in there?" I explained that they were my old reading glasses; one pair was missing the nose pads, but would suffice in a pinch. The other pair wasn't strong enough for me to read a map but worked for large print books.

"You can't read a map even with good glasses," the joker said.

I held up another pair. "These blue-framed ones have always been my favorite, and even if the screw is missing, one day I intend to repair them."

"Why don't you throw all of them away, and get new ones?"

I didn't tell him that everytime I go to the Dollar Store I pick up a new pair. I often misplace them; I know I left one pair in a dressing room when I was trying on a swim suit. Those glasses made me see things I didn't want to see.

I have one pair in my purse and one pair on top of my head at any given time, or so I thought. Yesterday I was prearing for a parent-teacher conference. I stepped into my school closet to retreive something and bumped into a plastic storage tub on a high shelf. I knocked my glasses off my head onto the floor. Scraped the lens, stretched the arm straight out and when I tried to reposition it, it just wagged back and forth. Ready to toss them, I searched my purse for my extra pair, and remembered I'd left them in the camper this weekend. It was very embarrassing trying to hold those dumb glasses on with one hand and shuffle through papers with the other while squinting with one eye through the good lens to read grades.

This morning I can see clearly that I'll need to purchase a few pairs of magnifiers for school as well as every room of my house! Dollar Store, here I come!

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