Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh what a beautiful day!

Today was such a glorious day! I awoke to sunny, blue skies, soft clouds and a warm breeze, and I cleaned house! But then I sat outside and read most of the afternoon. Finished the book in which my story appears. It was exactly what I needed to do, RELAX. We ate lunch at Steak & Shake. It has been a year since I've eaten a burger, but the smell of fried onions did the trick. I had a patty melt. Yum!

This evening we took a long walk. I live in the suburbs. It is so different from when I lived in the city when my kids were little. An evening walk back then was an assault on the senses: dogs barking in every yard until you passed their houses, the smell of bacon frying or pork steaks grilling, people on front porches, men cutting grass, kids on bikes shouting and zooming up and down the block. It is quieter now; my life is calmer, and I am blessed.

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