Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Let Freedom Ring

Whew! Finally! The end! Kaput! I'm finished with another school year. Today was picnic/preschool graduation in the park from 10-noon, complete with a dozen kiddie carnival games and lots of prizes for the children. The temperature hovered in the high 90's and I wilted fast, but it was worth the effort and near heat exhaustion to see the joy on the childrens' faces. I like seeing my former students,(siblings of current students), and I am grateful for such generous parents who presented me with a variety of gift cards.

I darted home for a shower, then had lunch with two favorite teacher friends at TGI Friday's. Our waitress was quite entertaining. When we reached for a full bottle of ketchup on another table, she said, "Caught you! See, that's why you shouldn't carry purses and why I wear cargo pants, so I can sneak out with ketchup, silverware, salt & pepper shakers, glasses from J Bucks, etc." She let us in on her other secrets too. She said she dated an exotic dancer, and she informed us that most exotic dancers are gay. I don't think she meant happy.

Then I went home and took a short nap! Woke up with an awesome feeling of freedom, like taking off my socks and tennis shoes and running barefoot in the grass. I'm happy ... and I don't mean gay.

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