Sunday, June 28, 2009

Moving out and moving in

I am in my second day of a cleaning frenzy, scouring everything in sight. Guess I'll refer to this as my belated spring cleaning. Geeze the things you can find under a couch cushion!

My granddaughter will find out what this is all about soon. I can't believe it, Ashley and Justin are getting an apartment at the end of next month. Nana's girl is grown up, almost 20. She will be living half way between our house and her work and college. I am happy for her and wish her the very best.

I remember when I was 18, and we rented an apartment in a four family flat on Juniata near Grand in South St. Louis. It was a few weeks before the wedding. The landlord looked at us like we were criminals. "You aren't married, and you kids want to live together?!"

We hadn't even considered that! We assured him that we wanted to clean the place and fix it up like a doll house, get married, and then move in. We had to show him our marriage license. Times have sure changed.


BECKY said...

Gosh, Linda! You and I led such parallel lives, that it's spooky! I also got married when I was 18, and our first "home" was a furnished, four-family flat on Nebraska, near Cherokee Street!! The landlord treated us about the same, too. Shortly after we moved in and my husband was at work one day, the landloard just let himself into the apartment, and asked me if we were married and how old I was!! OMG! It was a good thing I was up and dressed!! I didn't look my age, and especially being 5 feet tall, I looked about 15 probably!! And yes....boy how times have changed!! For the better on a lot of things....

Goody2 said...
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