Monday, June 8, 2009

Sea Shells, sharks and sugar sand~

Sea shells, sharks and sugar sand. Say that three times! Today at school I did a unit on the ocean. I dumped a grocery bag filled with sea shells onto a sheet for the kids to sort and classify. Sugary sand spilled out of the bag and reminded me of the barefoot walk I took on the beach the year my mom died when I collected those shells. I was tempted to kick off my shoes to recapture the feeling. But I maintained my professionalism.

The kids were very interested in the pictures of salt water fish and especially the sharks; we also played a shark game, and each child made an art project, an aquarium.

What is the primitive feeling about the sea that entices? One of my fondest meories is wading in tide pools in Boston with my best friend, Sheila, about ten years ago.

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