Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Old friends, good food

There was a birthday party going on, and therefore open mike at The Mack was less than desirable. The juke box was cranked so loud that enjoying the readings in 'our room' was impossible. I realize they have to cater to the booze buying partiers, but we spent money on food. I do not eat read meat except once a month at The Mack. They have superb barbequed pork steaks. I enjoyed seeing old friends: Patsy, Julia, Lynn, Becky, Denise and Amanda. Where were you Lisa? We should do a girl's night or afternoon.

Today the children painted their self-portraits on large paper outdoors. If I were to paint mine, I'd have a wide smile and outstretched arms, because I am so happy I have only a few days of school left; I am welcoming the end, embracing summer vacation!

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Julia Gordon-Bramer said...

Yes, where WAS Lisa?! Oh yeah, she told me. It was a play or something. Kudos for her culture.