Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh Sunny Day

My toes are tapping, my mind is spinning, my heart is fluttering because the sun is shining finally after so many cold, rainy days. I was thinking of the time my granddaughter was nearly three. We were in a dressing room, and she shouted that she wanted a bottle. I told her she didn't take a bottle. She assured me she most certainly did at naptime when she was at her great-grandma's house. I then asked her what she wanted to drink and she boldly replied, "I want a beer!"
I almost fainted. "You do not drink beer!"
"Yes I do, in the orphanage."
"You do not live in an orphanage!"
"Yes I do, with Annie and ... (she burst into song) the sun will come out tomorrow."

You just have to have faith that eventually the sun will shine.

Worry looks around. Sorry looks back. Faith looks up.~ anonymous

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Dianna said...

Amen to that! Thanks for the uplifting thoughts, Linda. I'm having a rough autumn, and your positive attitude is always a pick-me-up.