Tuesday, October 6, 2009

random thoughts

Almost midnight

Rush Limbaugh buying the Rams? Why that's like Jack in the Box selling Chinese food. I was listening to KTRS this morning. Several idiots called in and said that they had never been to a Rams game, did not support R. L.'s politics, but if he bought the team, they'd go. HUH?!

It makes me sad to see all these people standing on street corners in their work uniforms soliciting patrons for their businesses: pizza guys and Oil & Lube workers and hairdressers flagging potential customers with signs. Guess it's a sign of the times.

Bought a new watch, had to return it, stood in a long customer service line, only to be told I had to take it to the jewelry department.

Today: biting incident, potty accident, kid shoving tissue paper up his nose. Same kid. UGH! Going to bed, tomorrow will be better.

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Tammy said...

Am glad you mentioned those sign people--must be a growing trend. Love the way you put it, too.