Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunny Sunday

I am delighted with the fact that the anthology, Hope Whispers in which my story appears, has my name on the back book cover listed as one of several "noted authors". Now that is noteworthy.

Today was delightful. We took a long drive about an hour away to St. Francois State Park, walked along the river bank, then stopped by to see my daughter. I am enjoying her company so much these days. She is a changed person, calmer and self-confident. My twelve year old grandson was all smiles even though I interrupted his impromptu baseball game to present him with a bag of Resse's peanut butter minitaures.

Yesterday I visited with my son and his family. I received news that my cousin's doctor was able to remove her breast cancer the other day. I spoke with my out-of-town brother, and also my long time friend who has first stage dementia. She was "with it" and said she had a wonderful day with all of her children and grandchildren at a county fair in her town. I also heard from a favorite writer friend. And I spoke with my elderly aunt who gave me information about things she and my mom did when they were little girls. My husband made me laugh a lot today. Life is good.

I finally broke down and put the comforter on the bed. After a bowl of homemade vegetable soup and a half slice of blueberry pie, I am ready to snuggle in; it's only 8:30. I hope my dreams and yours are as pleasant as my day was.

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Julia said...

Sounds like a blessed, perfect day.