Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Seeking a caption

Liam is 22 months old and talking up a storm. He walked into our kitchen and pointed to fruit on the counter, and labeled each correctly: apple, orange, banana.
When he saw his favorite zoo family he shouted, "Dada, Mama, Baby Elephant." When the baby elephant left a pile, Liam shouted, "Poop! Poop!" He's a wise one, this little guy.
He squealed with excitement when the penguin swam underwater at his eye level.
He enjoyed being so close to the "Buhd, BIG Buhd."
But this photo below is my favorite.
I don't really know how I happened to take a black and white photo on my phone, but I am glad I did.

It's sort of like writing. You can be verbose and over-describe people, places and events colorfully, using fifty cent words, in minute detail; or you can speak simply and plainly, and allow your reader to use his or her imagination.

I could tell you all about this last picture, but the story you imagine might be better than the real one: the keeper threw a fish to a penguin, and Liam watched with interest.

Does this photo transport you back to another time?

Care to caption this picture for me?


Alice said...

Take your time. I have all day! (love the outfit)

Kim said...

If Ansel Adams had had a great grandchild, he'd have skipped Yosemite altogether.

Connie said...

Adrift on a dream.

Sounds like you had a great day. :)

Val said...

I love the black and white photo, but my colorful, verbose, overly-descriptive mind can't think of a single caption.

Sioux said...

Linda-- Black and white photos are my favorite. And Liam is cute, whether in full color or black and white.

BECKY said...

What a cutie he is. I can't think of any captions at the moment, either....I love Kim's and Val's comments. They are two of the funniest women I know, in a sedated kind of way! :)

K9friend said...

The picture is lovely. The only thing I keep thinking when I look at it is how much fun it will be to take our little Henry to see the penguins!

Critter Alley

Bookie said...

If Only I had a Tuxedo Too!
Looks like a fun day at the zoo!

Karen Lange said...

It does take me back - it reminds me of photos of when I was a kid. Looks like you all had great fun at the zoo!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

With the back of Liam's head being shown, it reminded me of when my son was that age. He's 34 now, so it's been a while! Love the photos.

Debra Mayhew said...

How could Liam also be two already?! Looks like you two have lots a fun together - what a great thing for both of you. The black and white photo just takes me back to those precious years with my own little boys and what fun it was to see the world through their eyes. Wonderful picture, Linda!

Susan said...

"Hey, let me in there. I wanna be a penguin, too."


"Wishin' and hopin' to wear a tux like those guys."


"You hoo, Mr. Penguin. Let me in!"

Darling photos. So happy you had fun. Susan